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Good morning y’all. Originally we had a cute little update prepped with a few fun stories from the past two months full of behind the scenes, wedding, and engagement photos we had the honor of taking. While we still have plans of sharing that later on down the road today isn’t the day for that. Instead we wanted to come to you right from where we are in the middle of the hurt and share something that has been heavy on our hearts this week.

Last Monday we lost a dear friend and brother in Christ to a tragic car accident. Luckily, we had just seen him last week and told him how much we loved him & how proud we were of him. There is so much peace that surrounds us in this terrible aftermath of loss. Our friend loved Jesus deeply & always displayed a huge heart for others through his constant commitment to serving. We say all this so you know, we’ll be okay. He left us better than we were and his loss has continued to grow our own faith.

Life Lately Travis update Document - Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

As we’ve processed our loss, we’ve spent time with close friends & found ourselves sharing funny stories, reminiscing over the “good times,” and more often than not pulling up old photos of Travis. We’ve been able to relive every good or bad haircut we giggled at (including his glorious perm days), the funny Halloween costumes we could never forget, down to his baptism back in our college ministry days. We’ve spent hours of our time digging through our hundreds of photos and sharing our favorite memories they bring up . Those photos have served as a visible reminder of the person our friend Travis was. They bring us back to times we shared with him, back when Alec & I were falling in love, when we were learning how to be adults and to one of the most influential times in our lives. Each image seems to be utterly invaluable now.

It’s encouraged us and brought us back to the foundational belief of our business, that life is worth documenting and documenting well. Yes, we love getting to work with fun, laid-back couples in love, but we don’t shoot weddings for the pretty or the perfect. We don’t shoot them for the cake, for the glory, or even because we love them. Our business is here to capture some of life’s most precious memories just as they were so that years from now, no matter the circumstance or tough times you’ll have a reminder of the love that started it all. To capture the joy & love that are the start of marriage so generations can know the rich history they’ve inherited. Our hope is that every image we capture will spark a memory that takes you right back to how you felt when it was taken.

Document your lives people, you won’t regret it.



Katie & Alec

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