How to Make the Most of your Bridal Session

Bridal sessions are one of our favorite things because its when we get to spend time with just our bride talking wedding plans and getting to celebrate her as she wears her dress for the first time! It’s like playing dress up & being a model all rolled into one, so come on ladies, it’s a dream!

On your end though you’ve never done a bridal session before, so where do you start? To help with the process we’ve come up with our 6 tips for making the very most out of your time with us!

  1. Plan your trial run for your hair and makeup for the same day: you’re already paying to have your trial run done and for a bridal session, so by planning them for the same time you get the most for your money and you’ll look your best for your portraits. It will also let you perfect your final wedding day look.Make the most of your bridal session | Birmingham, Alabama wedding photographers Katie & Alec Photography
  2. Keep it simple: For your bridal session all you really need is your wedding dress, veil (if you have one), and your jewelry! Really, that’s it! You can bring a trial bouquet if you’d like but even that isn’t 100% necessary. We highly encourage getting a trial bouquet though because it makes for extra beautiful photos and gives you something to do with your hands.
  3. Bring your mom/MOH: Bringing your mom, sister, or Maid of Honor will not only help you to relax a little more and make sure you have more fun, they also are perfect for helping fluff your dress, fixing stray hairs, and being there for moral support. It’s also a great way to make them feel included in the wedding planning process.Make the most of your bridal session | Birmingham, Alabama wedding photographers Katie & Alec Photography
  4. Break in your shoes: You’ve picked out the perfect wedding day kicks, now’s your chance to break them in! If you don’t have your dream shoes picked out, simply wear a pair that is roughly the same height of what you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. Heel stoppers are also a total game-changer & will keep your heels from sinking in grass.
  5. Pick a great location: A lot of brides will choose to have their bridal portraits taken at their venue, and we love when that happens because it keeps things cohesive. Our photographer hearts love when the bridal gallery looks like it could have been shot during our wedding coverage. Other brides like to think outside the box and choose to pick a different location to give them variety or to let them choose a spot they love. This can be great for brides wanting something more urban or more natural than what your venue offers. A lot of brides will be getting married downtown so they opt for the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to get a softer feel, and visa versa. How to Make the Most of Your Bridal Session | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers
  6. Remember to have fun! Of all the wedding planning activities you get to do from picking out your dress to choosing the perfect invitations, this is an opportunity to hit pause on the stress button and have fun. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s playing dress up in your wedding gown and getting all dolled up to get some fun photos taken of you. So relax, enjoy the moment, and let the process be an enjoyable one because it will shine through in your photos!

If you’re still wondering if a bridal session is right for you, talk it over with your mom & girls. More than anything we love them because they document such a special time in your life & you’ll be able to pass these photos down form generation to generation. We love seeing our own Grandmothers’ bridal portraits on display & seeing what their dress looked like, how young they were, how joyful they seemed to be. These photos will create a visible reminder of the love you feel now, the excitement, and help preserve your wedding day!


Katie & Alec

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