Three Years Down the Road

Dear Alec,

I’ll start by saying what you knew I would, how the heck has it already been three years since we got married!?? It feels like we are still newly weds (with much better communication skills lol). At the same time though it feels like we’ve always been married! It’s been such a great three years, so full of highs & lows. I am so thankful that through it all I got to spend this time by your side. You’ve made these last few years the best I’ve ever known.

Thanks for all the amazing memories you’ve given me. From our spontaneous trips to Chattanooga that you’ve planned just because, to the time you recorded me that sweet (although terrible sounding) song for my birthday. Thanks for letting us get Dixie, even though I wanted a dog and you wanted no animals whatsoever. It makes me laugh when I see you cuddled up with her so excited that she chose to sit on your lap and not mine! Oh, and all the times you’ve let me play my country music in the car when I know it’s torture for you. You’re the sweetest & so patient with me no matter how excited or crazy I get.

Alec, you bring so much joy into my life, so much laughter & fun, and you keep me sane. You’re the best leader I could have asked for and you’ve faithfully brought our little family to this point. Although we expected this past year to be one of the hardest it’s been one that has been so full of grace; so full of favor. We wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t steered us in the right direction and chased after God’s will for our lives & marriage. Thank you for leading us to an amazing church family & for keeping us active when I just want to sleep in.

I am beyond proud to be your wife and I hope that I can be the helper you deserve. My heart is to keep loving you, keep serving you, and keep having fun with you for the rest of our lives.  I pray that I’ll become more like Christ, and that I always encourage you to do the same. For our marriage I pray that we’ll always keep the most important things at the center of our lives, and that the silly, frivolous things would fade away.  May we always follow Christ, put ourselves second to one anothers’ needs, and remember that we’re on the same team.

I love you, Alec & I can’t wait to see what the next year of our marriage holds for us.

“Lurb” you 😉



P.S. If you’re reading this I thought I’d share a little sneak peak into how much we’ve changed in three years, so enjoy some fun photos of us in all their un-edited, phone quality glory 😉


Three Years - Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie and alec photography 7

Three Years - Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie and alec photography 7

This little gem is a collection of photos from our honeymoon!

Three Years - Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie and alec photography 7

Another one from our honeymoon when we went to see Ben Rector!

One of our sweet couples’ wedding photo booths two years ago!

From that one time we went on a mission trip to Maine! So much fun!

One of the first pictures of us together from when we started dating in 2011! We were just babies!

Our anniversary pictures from last year!

Now the most recent photo of us from this past weekend 🙂

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