Meet Our Fur Baby: Dixie

Hey guys! So often we find ourselves sharing just the business side of our lives with you & not all the fun, personal stories we secretly crave putting out there. We’ve actually had this post written out for a while and finally decided we’d share, because who doesn’t love their fur baby? Dixie is ours and she’s seriously such a source of joy in our household and makes the long nights editing easier. She’s been the best little cat a couple could own!

Shortly after we got married we decided to get a live-in assistant, our sweet kitty, Dixie! To be honest, we got her for Katie because she’s the animal lover out of the two of us. Alec didn’t really like animals (up close and personal), or at least he didn’t think so because his family has always had dogs. So we went to the Birmingham Humane Society and planned to just take a look. Katie ran around the center petting every can in sight while Alec stood quietly with little to say about our options. After an hour or so, Katie had picked out a couple of cats, but was still mulling her options when she turned around and saw Alec with a cage open, petting a little cat named “Maw-Maw.”

Dixie the Kitty | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

Needless to say it shocked Katie, and even more so when Alec turned around and said matter-of-factly, “this is our cat.” It was such a sweet moment and you could tell they instantly bonded. So, they took the weekend to prep for getting her & prayed she would still be there on Monday morning. When we showed up she was quick to jump in our arms and cuddle away 🙂 The rest is history and now we LOVE our sweet little Dixie. The name Maw-Maw just couldn’t stay because, come on y’all, “Maw-Maw”?!

Dixie owns the house now and makes sure we’re cuddling with her on the regular. Her favorite things to do are play with Q-tips, even though we’ve bought her so, so, so many toys & to chase her tail in the most inconvenient places. She’s been the sweetest and also loves cuddling in our laps and sometimes on the keyboard as we edit. Perhaps the cutest thing she does though is she loves sleeping right in between Alec’s legs. They’re the best of buddies and it shows 🙂

We hope that you’ve liked “meeting” our sweet little kitty and we’d love to hear about your pets! Leave a comment below and tell us what kind of pet you own & how you found them! 🙂


Katie & Alec

Dixie the Kitty | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography


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