13 Mistakes Not to Make for Your Wedding

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning there is so much to do, so many decisions to make. More than anything you want it to be an amazing event where everything goes smoothly. No one looks forward to their wedding day and hopes things go wrong. Things can easily get off track though and become stressful for sweet couples with a simple dream of a beautiful day. Wedding after wedding we’ve witnessed the good, the bad & the ugly that can happen at weddings. With each one we learn some new lesson we wish we could pass on to engaged couples so they can avoid the same mistakes we ourselves made or have seen others make. So, today we’re sharing the top 13 mistakes we wish every couple knew about so you can avoid them yourself! We’ve also included a few tips to help you successfully avoid them 🙂

Mistake #1: Not Eating

No one wants to be hangry or feel sick on their wedding day. Save yourself the headache (literally) and make sure you stay healthy by eating something substantial on your wedding day. Brunch while you get ready can also be super fun with your girls!

Mistake #2: Not Hiring Professionals

While hiring a friend or someone your mom knows may sound enticing we beg you to not hire a wedding professional just based on the cost. We did it with our own photographer and we wish with everything in us that we hadn’t. Of all the mistakes you could make this is the biggest. HUGE. Some things just need to be invested in wisely. If we could beg you to follow any of these tips this would hands down be the most important!

Mistake #3: Not Having a Rain Plan

No one wants to think about the potential of rain on your wedding day. Even so you should have some sort of rain plan in case it happens. Nothing is quite so upsetting like figuring out you have no where to hold your ceremony without being poured down on and all your plans messed up. Whether it’s asking your venue for a back-up plan or having a clear rental tent reserved just in case it’s worth for the piece of mind alone. If it does rain and you’ve got a plan you & your guests will be so thankful for it!

Mistakes not to Make with your Wedding | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec

Mistake #4: Micromanaging

While we know its tempting to want to handle everything on your own it’s just not worth it. Learn to delegate to your friends, family, and hired professionals to help make things run. It will allow you to be less stressed and focus more on having fun on your big day.

Mistake #5: Overdoing the DIY Projects

Not only can this make your wedding prep far more stressful but it can also make your wedding more expensive. Professionals have access to supplies at lower prices & know exactly what they’re doing. They also may have ideas and suggestions you’ll love even more because they’ve seen and done it all.

Mistake #6: Starting Hair & Makeup too Late

Hair & makeup almost always takes far longer than you would think. We suggest adding in at least a half an hour more time than you’re told you need, if not more. It’s worth being a little early if needed than being late and rushed.

Mistakes not to Make with your Wedding | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec

Mistake #7: Not Planning Enough Time for Pictures

Please take it from us, the photographers who have heard about it happening again and again from regretful brides. Ask your photographer how much time you need and what they think your photography schedule should look like. You’ll have less stress, more photos, and a much smoother photography experience. If you’re a K&A bride we will help you plan a custom wedding day photography timeline before your big day! You won’t have to worry about this 😉

Mistake #8: Spray Tanning

Trust us, spray tanning is one of the biggest mistakes that’s not worth the risk the week before your wedding. There are so any things that could go wrong like the color wearing off on your dress, you looking like an oompa-loompa, or it sweating off during the day. Plus, natural skin tones tend to look prettier on camera & makeup is always a good option for a little extra color.

Mistake #9: Not Considering a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is stressful and there are a lot of moving parts to be made. Wedding planners know what to expect & how to handle the unexpected parts of the wedding planning process. They’ll keep you calm and take care of far more than you ever thought was possible. At least consider having one there & not just the day of “coordinator” your venue provides. Time after time we’ve heard our brides say their number one regret in wedding planning was not hiring a wedding planner. We promise they’re worth their weight in gold.

Mistakes not to Make with your Wedding | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec

Mistake #10: Making a Drastic Change

The 2 weeks before your wedding is not the time to decide to get bangs, color your hair drastically, or make any other big changes. Keep it simple and make those changes after your wedding is over. You’ll thank yourself for this one. Plus, you can always make those changes immediately after you get married!

Mistake #11: Not Feeding Your Vendors

While it may cut costs your vendors need to eat. No one wants a tired photographer or DJ when you need them to be on top of their game. Plus, it’s just common decency when you have people working that hard all day long.

Mistake #12: Wearing Bright Underwear

Most wedding dresses are thinner than you think and will show brightly colored undergarments. Plan ahead and make sure 1. that you can’t see them through your dress & 2. make sure they’ll be comfortable all day long. No one wants bright purple underwear showing through in all their wedding photos!

Mistakes not to Make with your Wedding | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec

Mistake #13: Having too Many People in Your Getting Ready Room

This is something that can make your morning of the wedding far more difficult. For one thing it can get stressful, it can get claustrophobic, and it can make things really loud and hectic. Invite the people closest to you and explain to others that you’d love to have them present at your ceremony and reception. They’ll totally understand and want what’s best for you!


We hope these tips help you as much as we’ve seen them help our past couples! Chances are you may make some mistakes while planning or something may go wrong but when it does remember what it’s all about: your marriage! At the end of the day you’ll be married and it will all be worth it. Our hope is that no matter how big of a wedding, what style wedding, or how quickly you are planning that you can have an incredibly fun & stress-free day!


Katie & Alec

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