Summer Wedding Hacks

Summer-time is the most popular time for weddings because its such a beautiful time of year! Plants are blooming, peoples schedules are more free, and its just a wonderful season! There’s a reason there’s a stereotype about June brides 🙂

With the season comes heat and some unique challenges though! So, how do you navigate a summer wedding while enjoying all its perks and avoiding those challenges? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer wedding hacks you should make sure to use for your own summer wedding!!

Pack Water

…And LOTS of it! Especially if you’re in warmer areas like we are down south! Drinking a mimosa with your girls over breakfast won’t cut it. Your wedding day is so important, so don’t risk dehydration because your stubborn. Passing out, feeling sick all day, or heat stroke aren’t things to laugh at. Pack enough water for you and your party and drink your share!

Summer Wedding Hacks | Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec

Buy Extra Tissues

You’ll need them for more than just tears! Hot summer weather = sweat which isn’t pretty but is 100% a possibility. Having extra tissues on hand will allow to you to dab the sweat away without worrying. Just make sure you have enough for your entire bridal party.

Plan Hair & Makeup Touch-Ups

Like we mentioned before, sweat will happen which is totally natural. Even with the best hair & makeup artist around you will most likely want a few touch-ups done. We suggest making time for this when you’ll be in hiding before your ceremony. Plus, getting touch-ups will make sure you feel your best before you walk down the aisle.

Extra Undershirts

Trust us, this is one hack Alec would never go without doing. During summer weddings your groom & groomsmen are going to sweat more than the girls. Not only are they more prone to it, they also will be wearing more layers. Just think about how hot a suit is for them come June/July! Make sure they’re wearing undershirts to keep them from sweating through their suits. Having an extra undershirt to change into after portraits will also help them feel fresh and cooler throughout the day!

Summer Wedding Hacks | Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec

Have A Rain Plan

If you walk away from this article learning nothing else, please learn this. Having a rain plan is essential for outdoor summer weddings. The last thing you want is your gorgeous, outdoor ceremony to turn into a muddy nightmare for you. If all goes according to plan and there is no rain, at least you’ll have had peace of mind leading up to your big day! There are several of options for a rain plan like clear tents or an indoor option at your venue. Ask your wedding planner or venue what options they would recommend, you never know what great ideas they have!


We hope these hacks help you have the most amazing, joyful summer wedding ever! If you’re looking for more wedding planning tips check out our blog series “For Brides.”

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