Katie’s 5 Favorite Things About Alec

Hey y’all!

Today I am literally getting to talk about one of my all-time favorite topics: my mega cute hubby! Alec is my best friend, my college sweetheart, and my biggest supporter in every crazy dream. He’s the hunky half of our wedding photography business and the one who keeps things fun. I could literally come up with 900+ things I love about him but today in honor of Valentine’s Day I want to share my top 5!

He Keeps Me Laughing

Even when I’m angry Alec knows exactly how to make me laugh. A majority of arguments end with both of us cracking up during a moment of extreme eye contact or when I try to get too serious. His sarcasm & wit are part of what made me fall in love with him back in college!

He’s Steady & Calm

No matter what comes our way Alec is slow to anger, slow to stress, and he’s so freaking steady. It takes a lot to get him worked up. Normally what does get him worked up is something sweet he’s passionate about like people not knowing their true value.

He’s Super Tall

Alec is 6’4″ and it’s seriously the best. He can reach things I can’t, clean ceiling fans like a pro, and him being tall helps so much on a wedding day! Plus, he can give me sweet kisses on the top of my head (something he did after our first date that made me swoon!!)!

Katie's 5 Favorite Things About Alec | Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

He Is Way Cooler than Me (& Most People)

Back when I was in college I used to nanny. The kids I watched always told me Alec is the coolest person in the whole world & y’all it’s pretty true 😉 He can do magic tricks, make most people laugh, and he’s got a host of cool hobbies.

He Knows Who He Is

In any circumstance Alec remains the same. He’s not wishy-washy and he doesn’t often waver from his calm, cool nature. He knows he is a son of God and that’s what matters more than anything. This is also true in that nothing really embarrasses him so he’s okay with being the bold or goofy one in the room even when others won’t.

Like I said, I could keep going all day long about how awesome my sweet man is! I won’t though because I’m sure you get it, I really, reallly love him 🙂  These few reasons are just that, a few. He’s a man of so much character & depth who makes everyone’s life better when he’s in it. He’s a constant well of wisdom & kindness, a light in the dark. He’s the sweetest husband & leader I ever could have asked for and I’m just so darn thankful for him!



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