Why Should I Have Two Wedding Photographers?

As you’re looking for the perfect wedding photographer(s) for you we know it can be a daunting task. Finding people you trust, love the style of, and fits into your budget is hard. You want to like who you’re working with on top of it all because you’ll spend the entire wedding day with them. They’re creating images you’ll pass down to your children and grandchildren one day. So, where do you begin? What do you prioritize?

Today we’re tackling one of many major things to consider: why hire two shooters for your wedding day?

As you’re looking at pricing sheets and comparing people you may find that a lot of photographers offer a second shooter option or make it basic with their packages. If you don’t know why that matters, it’s okay. We’re here to help! Obviously, we’re huge advocates of having two shooters on your wedding day, so we’re a little biased. We can’t help it though because we know the benefits! Having multiple shooters will mean more images for you, more moments captured, and different perspectives just as a few big reasons! Let’s break those down for you individually:

More Images for You

This is simple math 1 shooter = 1 set of images. 1 shooter + 1 more shooter = 2 times the images! Having 2 people on your team will allow them to get more images you can treasure forever. It’s also more for your money, which just makes sense to us.

Why Have Two Shooters | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

Alec’s perspective of Kylie & Kyle’s first look! This way you can actually see the difference!

Why Have Two Shooters | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

These are from Katie’s perspective!

More Moments Captured

Going along with our last point, having two photographers means you also get more memories. When you break each image down to its real meaning and not just a simple number of how many image you get you notice its so much more. Every extra image is another moment you can relive later. Having two photographers also means they can get moments that would have been missed if you had just one person there to try to catch them all.

Why Have Two Shooters | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

These photos were taken at the same time: the ladies by Katie & the guys by Alec!

Different Perspectives

Another great thing about having more than one photographer is you’ll get more than one perspective. An example of this is Katie is all about the details- the flowers, invitations, rings, etc. and also the couple! She does all our posing and portraits of our couple and bridal party. Meanwhile Alec is all about the candid moments in between our scheduled photography times and especially during the ceremony and reception! He’s incredible at it. This adds a ton of depth to the galleries we deliver because we balance each other out! What helps even more is most girls really connect with Katie’s images and most guys with Alec’s.

Why Have Two Shooters | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

Katie showing Haley & Jay how to cut their cake!

Twice The Help

Your wedding photographers will be with you on your wedding day more than your spouse. Let that sink in! This means they’ll literally walk through your day with you. It’s important to find someone with a servant heart who will do so with kindness, who is willing to help, and will be more than just a photographer. So if you can find that twice over you’ll get more from the relationship than just pretty photos. You’ll also get two people to encourage you. Two people to teach you & help you while you’re wedding planning. The list keeps going!

We could go on and on about the benefits of having more than one shooter photographing your wedding day! There’s just so many perks. What it all comes down to though is finding the photographers who will serve you well, love you well, and be willing to walk through this season of life with you documenting it as they encourage you. So, take your time and find the right fit for you! If you think you’d be a Katie & Alec couple we’d love to talk with you more and show you what an experience with us looks like. Just contact us here and we’ll get things started!


Katie & Alec


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