Why Should I Have a Rain Plan?

We jokingly discussed making the entire blog post two words: Alabama weather.

Hahaha! If you’re from this lovely state of ours than you’ll totally get it. Especially if you’re looking to get married in the Spring/Summer months the weather can be wildly unpredictable! So, it begs the question do you have a rain plan for your wedding?

A rain plan can be renting out a gorgeous clear tent big enough to save your outdoor ceremony or even having an indoor option available. It can also be having cute umbrellas ready for photos with your bridal party. Maybe having a cute pair of Hunter boots to walk in (and show off in pictures)!? There are lots of ways to prepare just in case (and we pray it doesn’t) rain on your wedding day.

That’s why having a rain plan is so important. There’s probably 25 reasons we could easily share with you why you should have one, but we’ll cover our main 3 with you now!

For Your Guests Sake

Let’s be real, no one wants to sit in the rain or walk through mud puddles, especially not in their dress clothes. Having a rain plan will ensure you can make your family & friends as comfortable as possible. They’ll thank you for it!

Rain Plan | Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

For Your Photos

Our goal is always to capture as many stunning outdoor photos as possible, but sometimes the rain takes that chance away from us. Having a good indoor option available can mean you’ll still get gorgeous photos while avoiding the rain. Or, cute clear umbrellas & rain boots if you’re determined to get your photos done outside! They’ll look adorable in photos too, which is an added bonus!

Rain Plan | Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

For Yourselves (Peace of Mind)

This one is worth any extra money or planning you spend alone. Even if it is clear skies on your wedding day, leading up to it you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’re covered either way. If it does happen to rain, you will be able to rest easy and not panic because you have a plan B already in place.

A Mathew's Manor Wedding | Katie & Alec Best Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers 61

This gorgeous ceremony was originally supposed to be outdoors. They made the call though and gave their venue a heads up so they could pull off just as beautiful of an indoor ceremony as they could have the outdoor one!

Implementing Your Plan

Trying to come up with a plan at the last minute can be excessively stressful & more difficult than you would expect. We suggest coming up with yours well before your wedding date. Most venues will be more than happy to share with you some tried & true options that you can use. If you have a planner, they are another great resource you can use!

The most important thing about implementing your rain plan is being able to make the tough decision to actually go with your rain plan. Talk to your vendors beforehand and let them know that you’ll be going with it so they can be prepared & can help you make it happen. They want your day to be just as beautiful & stress-free so use that to your advantage and give them time to prepare.


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