Should You Do Sunset Portraits?

As you plan out your wedding day timeline there are so many things to consider. When will you start hair & makeup, when should your fiance arrive, what time will you leave for the night? It’s a lot to consider. So, by the time sunset portraits are brought up your brain power is low.

Sunset photos, or as we like to call them “husband & wife portraits,” are AMAZING!! Yes, we’re a little biased as photographers but mainly because we’ve seen them serve our couples well. Today we’ll give you 3 reasons why they rock & why you should seriously consider doing them!


Soak It In

The number one reason we always push for sunset portraits is this: in those few minutes you’ll be able to soak in that once-in-a-lifetime just married feeling. After you walk back down the aisle and your reception begins you’ll have 1,000 things going on. People will be hugging you & saying hello. You’ll constantly go until its time to leave.

Sunset photos allow you to escape for a few minutes with just your spouse (YAY!!!) and your photographers. You can soak in the joy, you can celebrate together, and most importantly show off that new bling in a few photos! There’s nothing like this feeling and it’s so much more special when you can revel in it and document it!

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The Gorgeous Light

There’s a reason we love golden hour so much, and it’s because the light is the most gorgeous it will be all day! Want that dreamy, glowy look that will make you look like $1,000,00?! Then make time for sunset photos 😉

More Photos of What Matters

Our philosophy is the more photos the merrier. We’ve never met a couple who regretted having too many photos with their spouse from their wedding day. Actually, we normally hear the opposite which is another reason we push for sunset photos. It gives you a few more minutes to focus on the photos that matter most! In the end isn’t that what we all really want?

Sunset Portraits | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec

We hope this helps shed a little light on why sunset portraits are so valuable & special. Even though we know you may want to stay at your reception or you just don’t want more photos done the long term value of them outweighs temporary satisfaction in most cases. We just ask that you keep an open mind and think of the wedding photos you’ve been dreaming of. Do sunset photos fit in that dream?


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