3 Practical Tips for Groomsmen

Guys, being in a wedding can be really fun. You get to hang out with your friends, drink beer, and party the night away. Everyone likes that. When preparing to be a groomsmen though, don’t just show up and be difficult. Your friend is counting on you and invited you to make their day better. There’s no easier way to make the day better than by being ready to do what they need you to.

Don’t be the one guy who totally messes up the wedding day timeline or who makes everyone else upset. You want to contribute to the fun, right? So, to help you out we’ve got 3 super practical and easy steps you can take to be a rock-star groomsmen.

Check Your Suit Beforehand

This one seems obvious, right? We can’t tell you how many times a groomsmen has received the wrong color or size rental tux. Nothing is worse than wearing pants 2 sizes too small all day. Check your suit before the wedding day to make sure it’s the right one.


Know How to Tie Your Tie

Even if you don’t know how to tie your tie now, look it up. There are tons of online tutorials and graphics to help you with this. Do this especially if you have to tie your own bow-tie. Just practice beforehand!


Bring An Undershirt (or Two)

Trust us, this works. No one wants to sweat straight through their dress shirt and suit jacket and then be stuck in that all day. Wear an undershirt to soak up extra sweat. The, we suggest packing an extra one so you can change into something fresh & dry if you need to. This especially works for summer weddings!

We hope this helps you bless your buddy and have a fun, stress free time!

Katie & Alec


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