Spring Wedding Season 2018

OH. MY. GOODNESS. How is it already summertime?! We know it’s felt like summer, hello Alabama weather, but man! What a whirlwind! This spring wedding season has kept us busy and on our feet non-stop. 7 amazing weddings, back-to-back. What a blessing!

We just wanted to celebrate because that’s officially a wrap on this year’s Spring season. To celebrate we’re actually on our way to Nashville right now for some much needed weekend rest & relaxation.  It’s our first off weekend in over 2 months so we’re pretty excited!! We’ve got plans to celebrate both our birthdays because we had a huge wedding before Katie’s (and it was on father’s day) plus we’re working on Alec’s. Before we shut off our computers and move right into the summer wedding season we wanted to take a moment and remind ourselves how blessed we are.

In a few short months we had the honor of serving 9 different couples, 18 incredible souls, as their wedding photographers. That’s an honor that’s not lost on us. We’re so darned lucky to work with such joyful, fun, laid-back couples who truly believe in marriage. We are able to witness incredibly joyful moments with them, encourage them, and cheer them on as they become newlyweds. Every weekend we get to wake up and go do what we love most with the person we love most. Plus, every weekend we get to eat cake, which is totally something we love doing haha!!

To each of our amazing couples thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day!!! We love you all SO much! In fact, we wanted to share a short preview of our favorite moments from each spring wedding & what we loved about each couple’s day! 🙂 In the future we know we’ll look back on this post and give thanks again & again for y’all!


Meghann & Eli- This day was amazing in 1,000,000 different ways. For one, these two are absolutely hysterical and kept us smiling the entire day. They also had such an intimate, unique wedding at a lake mansion in Georgia with all their closest friends & family! It was the perfect destination wedding!


Kirsten & John– We could talk on-and-on about how we loved her shoes, the flowers, and oh that wedding cake… but ultimately we’ll remember just how emotional & genuine their ceremony was. It wasn’t just something they did to finally be married. They were fully present & fully aware of the step they were taking & it was beautiful!


Ashley & Chase– We don’t think we’ve ever seen a more joyful groom! Chase couldn’t help but crack the biggest smile whenever he saw Ashley or when it sank in that they were finally husband & wife, married!! Just look at these photos and you’ll see it all over their faces just how in love they truly are.


Sarah & JP– Being a part of these two tying the knot was a huge honor! They’re high school sweethearts and have such a vibrant, magnetic love. The only thing close to being as great was how bright & beautiful their spring wedding details were.


Kelsey & Trace- These two, they were the epitome of calm on their big day! Even with rain & a few other hiccups they had the most incredible wedding!! From their stunning ceremony (they got married at the most perfect venue) to their super fun party it was such a wonderful day spent celebrating their marriage. We can’t wait to see how they handle life together as husband & wife!!


Hunter & Carlee– Now this is not our typical answer at all, our favorite parts of their day came down to 2 things. One, they had friends tail-gate at their wedding. That’s right, music, lawn-chairs, beer, etc. It was legit!! The other was their petal toss as they left for their reception. It was so perfect and fun!


Nick & Jillian– LOVE these two!!!! There really aren’t words. They’re way cooler than we could ever hope to be and oh how they bring others joy. Their day was a day where they brought together people from around the nation and treated them to the most amazing experience! It was all about having fun and making it memorable.


Madison & Leander– What. A. Day! When such a godly couple comes together in marriage its hard to not take notice. Every bit of their day was covered in joy & blessings. Our favorite part, besides watching them together and how sweet that was, was sunset portraits! We got to go out to the bluff overlooking the property and it was everything!!


Caitlin & Kyle- Where to begin? Let’s go ahead and say it, they had the sweetest bridal party, possibly ever! That and their reception was the most unique & fun we’ve ever been to! A live band, a huge dance party, and all underneath a giant dinosaur skeleton!



We just love our couples and can’t wait to work with/meet all the amazing couples we’ll get to serve in the coming months & years!


Katie & Alec

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