July 13, 2018

4 Ways Blogging Revolutionized Our Business

From time to time we see posts pop up in business & photography groups that are always the same. “I hate blogging, it takes so long and does nothing for my business,” and “blogging is dead.” It makes us shake our heads and giggle inwardly because at times we’ve wondered ourselves what it really was doing for us.

We started blogging when we started our business back in 2014. Every session, every wedding, silly personal stories, basically anything we could think of to create content. The experts in our filed like Katelyn James boasted at how it made their business so we did it too. We didn’t know why we did it beyond that until one night we ran into one of Alec’s Mom’s friends. We’d never met her before but she lit up when she saw us and said “I feel like I know you, I read all your blogs!!!” It must’ve been a coincidence… until we had a bride book us solely off how we wrote our blogs because she wanted one of her wedding.

Now we hear this all the time and we realized our blog really has made our business what it is today. We’ll meet total strangers who ask us how our cats are, gush over our latest weddings, and who say they’ve read all of the “story of us” series. It’s such a neat way to connect with people and to share our business, our hearts and our lives with the world. Beyond that though we wanted to give you 4 ways our business has been revolutionized by blogging:

Blogging-B&A-Warehouse-Weddings-Katie-And-Alec-Photography-Best-Birmingham-Alabama-Wedding-PhotographersSEO Boosts

Google loves it when we post content, especially when we’re consistent in doing so. Blogging is the easiest way for us to add new content and keep our web presence growing steadily. Plus, each blog post can rank on it’s own, gives us more credibility, and allows our images to show up more frequently as well! It’s a win, win, win in our book!

Connecting With Our People

Everyone wants to feel like a part of something. When you give customers or followers the ability to feel connected to you and to see they like you then you’ve done something amazing. For us, blogging is a way we create moments of connection and allow people a sneak peek inside our lives and business. This will help draw them to you and create loyal followers, even people you’ve never met before!

Blogging-RTJ-Robert-Trent-Jones-Muscle-Shoals-Wedding-Katie-And-Alec-Photography-Birmingham-Alabama-Wedding-PhotographersWowing Our Clients & Their Friends/Family

When we’re able to share the story of a wedding day and highlight photos through a blog people are wowed. No one has probably done something like this for them. They get to read about our favorite parts of their day, what we love about them, and see their wedding day through our eyes. Who doesn’t want to hear how amazing someone thinks they are and how amazing their wedding day was?! It’s just another way we can love and serve our clients during their wedding experience.

Building Something That Lasts

Social media changes, platforms close, they go out of style but our website is OURS. It’s the only space we own and that we control. So, as we’ve built our blog we’ve built up a business that will outlast the latest trendy platforms.

Hands down blogging has boosted our website and helped us grow our business like nothing else! We’ve been able to create relationships through our posts and give people a way to solidly feel connected to us. Plus, if all else fails, it acts as a virtual scrapbook of our weddings, business growth & lives which is 100% worth it on it’s own. We could go on & on about why we love blogging but we think you get the picture! If you have any questions or want to hear more about why we blog send us an email at info@katieandalec.com and we’d love to chat more!!


Katie & Alec


If you’re looking for more tips for photographers or wedding inspiration the blog is the place for you! Check it all out here!!

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