October 12, 2018

Our Friday 5- Favorite Bridesmaids Dresses

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There could not have been a more perfect time for this post!!! We absolutely love seeing every bride’s unique style come out in her wedding details. A lot is said by the invitations she picks, the flowers, and also the dresses she picks for her ladies to wear!! It’s such a fun choice and now-a-days there are so many options: mis-matched tops, mismatched dresses all together, two piece dresses, etc. Most people also believe this shows how she feels about her friends.

We could go on & on but really we love how this choice shows off so much. You get to see the wedding colors, the overall style of the day, and the bridesmaid’s personalities & personal style come out as well.

Friday 5- Our Favorite Bridesmaid's Dresses | Katie & Alec Photography the best wedding photographers in Birmingham, AlabamaThese are hands down the most gorgeous bridesmaids dresses we have EVER seen!!! From the perfect color pallet to the mixture of glittery & plain dresses… WOW!! They couldn’t have been any more gorgeous. Thanks to Bella’s Bridesmaids in Birmingham for these beauties!!Friday 5: Bridesmaids Dresses | Katie & Alec Photogrpahy Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, AlabamaSo, we may be biased because Katie is obsessed with pink, but how cute are these dresses?! They’re all the same color but totally different dresses. This means each bridesmaid could show off her own style while honoring the wedding aesthetic our couple was going for. You can get these stunners at Bella’s Bridesmaids here in Birmingham!Friday 5: Bridesmaids Dresses | Katie & Alec Photogrpahy Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, AlabamaWho said bridesmaids dresses had to be actual dresses?! This 2-piece combo had our jaws dropping!! Lace & Company Bridal in Tennessee knocked it out of the park with these fun, unique bridesmaids dresses!Friday 5: Bridesmaids Dresses | Katie & Alec Photogrpahy Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, AlabamaBecause a classic never goes out of style, right?! All black is classic, timeless, and everyone looks good in it. You can’t go wrong with all black dresses! These particular ones are from Bridesmaids Inc. here in Birmingham.Friday-Five-Bridesmaids-Dresses-Iron-City-Wedding-Katie-And-Alec-Photography-Best-Birmingham-Alabama-Wedding-Photographers¬†Blue is also another color we’ll never get over! All of these gorgeous ladies rocked these slate blue dresses. Especially with that gorgeous pop of red in their bouquets to give it a little extra kick! These are another set from Bella’s Bridesmaids here in Birmingham, Alabama.


Katie & Alec Photography

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Dresses from:

Bella Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids Inc. 

Lace & Co. Bridal

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