If We Could Re-Do Our Wedding

If we were granted 3 wedding wishes by some fabulous wedding genie we we totally re-do so much of our wedding. When we got married we had literally no idea what we really wanted or needed. It was the time of burlap, mason jars, and oh so much baby’s breath… Yikes!

A lot of people ask what all we would change if we could go back. It’s made us think a lot about the topic because now we’ve seen so many wedding days. We’ve seen what’s worked, what hasn’t and a little of everything in between. If we got to go back though we can agree we’d definitely make 3 changes.

Katie & Alec Photography- Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Re-Do our Wedding Blog

Spend More On Flowers

This is just something we’ve seen add so much to photos. We wish we had the budget when we got married to go crazy with hanging flowers, lush centerpieces and so many of the beautiful flower designs we see today! When you think about it, your flowers are in SO many of your photos. This is another way to make those more amazing. Plus, if we’re real with you, we just love some gorgeous flowers!

Katie & Alec Photography- Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Re-Do our Wedding Photo from Antrim Celebrations

Invest in a Legit Photographer

We hate to admit this but we went the extreme-discount photographer route… At the time we didn’t have a very big budget and we though we could make it work. It breaks our hearts looking back that we didn’t hire an experienced wedding photographer. Your wedding only happens once, you only have one chance to do it right. We’ll always regret this. If we could make a wish & go back in time we would make the budget work around photography.

Katie & Alec Photography- Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Re-Do our Wedding Southern House & Gardens Wedding

Hire a Wedding Planner/Designer

We hit on this a lot on the blog, and its for good reason. We’ve seen how much wedding planners help in about 1,00 different ways. From design to just practical knowledge we feel that if we had hired a planner our day would have been so much more beautiful. They probably would have suggested the past 2 “wishes” we talked about. Out of all of these we feel like this would have been the most impact change we could have made.

Of course, we’d probably change a lot more than 3 things if we could re-do our wedding day. It’s easy to look back and see what you messed up or could have done. The truth is we had a wonderful, meaningful wedding and we know its more about our marriage. Our goal is to one day do a vow renewal (which is as close as we can get to a re-do) so we can get those gorgeous photos we’ve always wanted. We’ll just have to see what happens!

It’s our hope that these insights will help you not make the same mistakes we did. If you’re wedding planning we know there are so many components and you probably have a lot of questions. That’s why we have a whole blog series dedicated to helping you! Check out our “For Brides” series here!


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