What Success Really Looks Like

Money, fame, friends, cars, jewelry… There are so many different ways people can define success. A lot of times for us it comes down to our business being successful. This year has been so, so long and exhausting. It’s been great, yes, and we’ve shot more than ever before. We’ve made more money, grown our name & now we’ve even got our website just where we want it. Heck, we’re even building a home! To the outside world we probably look pretty successful.

Sounds like success. Doesn’t quite feel like it to us.

This past year we’ve over-extended ourselves in every way. As the year ends we’ve felt like we have little left to give. Energy levels are low and we’re just so tired. It’s caused us to sit back & re-evaluate what success looks like to us, not just to the world. There have been more days lately where we’ve held back tears, gone to bed early & tried to just survive.

Just because something looks like success to the outside world doesn’t mean it’s right for us. It’s been a hard lesson to learn but one we’ve desperately needed. Yes, we love our business and we’re so blessed & thankful for how its grown. We just added in far too many other things in life at the same time. We underestimated how much time we would have & what we could handle.

Now, we’re thinking success for 2019 looks like building in off time, creating margin. We’re only taking on up to 3 weddings a month. Outsourcing our workload some is another way we’re helping take the load off ourselves. Also, we’re making more time for just being still & resting. It’s crazy how the ways we perceive success can flip so drastically in as little as a year.

So, as you go into the New Year, how will you define success? What really matters to you? We hope you know you’re not alone if you’re radically redefining it for yourself or wondering what you actually need. We pray that this will be your best year yet!


Katie & Alec


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