January 25, 2019

10 Things We Love About Marriage

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As wedding photographers, it’s easy to assume we’re in it for the gorgeous dresses, stunning florals, or even the wedding cake. While we love all the little things that make up a wedding day that’s not why we do what we do. At the root of it all it’s because we deeply and wholeheartedly believe in marriage.

In a world that tells us marriage is like jail, it’s too difficult, or it isn’t important we couldn’t disagree more. Heck, we have people drive by on wedding days and yell at our couples, “don’t do it!!” Well, let us be the first to tell you marriage can be amazing. It’s all what you make of it.

If you treasure it, nurture it, prioritize it and truly honor your vows it will be one of the best, most fulfilling parts of your life. We have been married over 4 years now and yes it’s had its hard times but it’s been such a blessing. In fact, we wanted to share 10 reasons why we love it so much.

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography | 10 Things We Love About Marriage

You Don’t Have to Say “Goodbye”

When we were dating we hated saying “goodbye” every night. Having to go home to 2 separate places was miserable. We just wanted to be together! Now we get to spend every night together and instead of “goodbye” its just “goodnight.”

Decision Making

When life hands you big, difficult decisions it can be hard to know what to do. Being able to have someone to help you make those decisions is amazing!! Yes, it can make it more complicated but it’s no longer just on you.

Experiencing Firsts

This is most exhilarating once you first get married. We’ve loved getting to experience so many firsts together. Our first pet, first car purchase, and now building our first home. It’s so exciting to be able to go through it together!

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography | 10 Things We Love About Marriage

Supporting Each Other

When life gets hard it helps having someone there to support you, carry you through and to be a shoulder to cry on. We can’t express how amazing it is knowing you’ll always have someone there in a time of need.

Travel Buddies

This one may seem small or silly, and we’re okay with that. It is so much fun traveling with your spouse! Seeing new places and being able to adventure together is the best. Part of what makes marriage so amazing is the memories you’ll create together.

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography | 10 Things We Love About Marriage

The Vulnerability

Vulnerability is scary in general. What makes it such a blessing in marriage it the safety of your commitment. Knowing you’ve got someone who will love you despite yourself is amazing. It provides the safe space for you to feel comfortable truly being yourself. You can share things you wouldn’t feel comfortable anywhere else. It’s freeing and beautiful.

Strengthening One Another

You’ve heard the phrase, “better together,” and it’s true. Marriage allows you to strengthen one another. An example for us is Katie is much better at running errands, making sure the cars get maintenance, and our bills get paid. Alec hates doing those things, but he’s better at washing dishes, keeping us on time & keeping up with our schedule which Katie isn’t best at. Together we’re just better!

Looking Ahead

Perhaps one of the best parts of marriage is looking forward to the future. We know we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow but it sure is fun to dream. Being able to look forward to future trips, kids, homes, etc. is so enjoyable! It’s also healthy for your marriage and gives you vision for your future!

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography | 10 Things We Love About Marriage

The Consistency

Life changes quickly and often. It’s just how it goes. That’s why having someone consistent & steady in the midst of it all is a gift. Knowing you’ll see them at home, be able it count on them, and know they’re your person is a blessing. Consistency is something marriage provides unlike anything else.

It’s Purpose

Now, this is our real heart behind why we love marriage. We believe God designed it to honor Him. It’s a representation of the relationship between Him & His church. Serving & one another selflessly with one common goal of ultimately serving God.

It takes the self-centered view of marriage the world has and flips it on its head. Instead it’s about loving one another more than you love yourself. That’s hands down the best part of marriage. Is it easy? No. Definitely not. Does it make it worth it all? Absolutely! It’s a joy to live life this way!


Katie & Alec

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