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We're Katie & Alec Dixon. Ice cream obsessed, fun-loving husband-and-wife wedding photographers based in Birmingham, Alabama. We shoot joy-filled weddings on the weekends and fill our weeks with editing, too much sugar, and things that make us laugh hard. It's our belief that wedding planning can be stressful, but your wedding photography shouldn't be. Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the web. We hope that you'll stay a-while and enjoy our latest work & posts. 

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The Story of Us


Quickly, the “Friday 5” is becoming our favorite weekly tradition! It’s making us slow down and look back at all the weddings we’ve shot over the years. There are SO many sweet moments, stunning details, incredible people and memories we’ve documented for our couples. Every time we look back it makes us more and more […]

Friday 5, Weddings

December 14, 2018

Friday 5- Our Favorite Wedding Dresses


There could not have been a more perfect time for this post!!! We absolutely love seeing every bride’s unique style come out in her wedding details. A lot is said by the invitations she picks, the flowers, and also the dresses she picks for her ladies to wear!! It’s such a fun choice and now-a-days […]

Friday 5, Weddings

October 12, 2018

Our Friday 5- Favorite Bridesmaids Dresses


Hey, friend!! We are so thankful it’s Friday and another week is coming to a close! To celebrate the weekend we wanted to start a brand new blog series, the Friday 5!! This is going to be a fun series where we share our favorite photos, wedding details, and more!! We’re so excited honestly because […]

Friday 5, Weddings

September 14, 2018

Our Friday 5- Our Favorite Wedding Bouquets

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