September 26, 2018

The Power of Updating Your Website

Think about your website for a minute… If someone asks you for a link do you cringe at the though of them clicking onto your site? Will they see old, gross outdated material you wish you could hide? Do you think they’re seeing the best representation of your products and services right now? If the answer is no than you’re really missing out!! Today we’re sharing with you one of our #1 business tips to help remedy this!!

Owning your own business means you wear a lot of hats. There are so many decisions to make, so how will you decide what to invest your limited time & money into? For us it comes down to a few priorities that come before anything else:

Client Experience

Social Media/Our Web Presence

Mastering Our Craft/Education

Everything else comes secondary so that we can make sure to wow our clients & attract the right people to our business. Even out of these 3 things there is one that stands alone as a “wow” factor: updating our website & social media presence. Everyone knows to be on Instagram, Facebook and to keep their social media side of their online presence updated. When it comes to their website though they let that sit and stay stale because it’s not the social media part (which most think is more important). So, this isn’t a take on things most business owners would think of! In fact, it makes us so sad to see old, outdated websites for some of our favorite brands and vendors. It’s a priority to us that we get on minimum once a month to make necessary tweaks to our site!

How does this help you ask? We’ve got 4 ways it can piratically grow your business & boost you in ways you didn’t realize were possible!!

The Power of Updating Your Website Wedding | Katie & Alec Photography Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham Alabama 51

Wowing Potential Clients

Your clients should be seeing the best of what you have to offer. With most markets online being so saturated potential clients will float from website to website looking for one that stands out. By regularly updating your website & Google presence you can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. This gives them a reason to stop & stay a while on your site & hopefully BOOK YOU when they see what you really have to offer!! The Power of Updating Your Website | Katie & Alec Photography the best wedding photographers in Birmingham, Alabama

Keeping Your Website Fresh & Honest

Katie is actually a little obsessive and gets on after every single session and refreshed things so our content is 100% up-to-date for our brides & grooms. This helps them in trying to search the perfect wedding photographer and land on our page because they know exactly what they’re getting from us. They won’t see out-dated material and think that’s what we deliver now. They’ll get our most current starting prices. Our clients will get the most update & efficient experience on our website because they deserve it and want that from us.  This keeps us honest about the services we actually offer and makes sure our content is fresh & relevant to them. The Power of Updating Your Website | Katie & Alec Photography the best wedding photographers in Birmingham, Alabama

SEO Boosts

This may sound simple but it’s SO true. Google likes websites that are active and growing… DUH. So, why don’t most people take advantage of that fact? Updating your website shows Google you’re active and your business is active and prioritizes you when it ranks your website. Another tip is blogging as a way to keep your website updated & active in the eyes of Google! Creating new content is key!!The Power of Updating Your Website | Katie & Alec Photography the best wedding photographers in Birmingham, Alabama

Outworking Our Competition

We believe that working hard & keeping our website our priority helps us to outwork our competition. This works in all 3 of the last points we’ve made. If we can show we’re busy to potential clients & Google, keep our clients from guessing, and to wow them then we’ll end up ahead. So, we’re going to do whatever it takes to keep our website & online presence as current as possible!!


We hope these tips help show you how we’ve used our website as a means to grow our business & how you can practically do the same!! It’s not always the easiest thing to squeeze this into your routine, but it pays off BIG when you make it a priority!! To help even more, here’s a post about how blogging has revolutionized our business & how you can make it grow yours too!


Katie & Alec

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