November 30, 2018

Home Update: Big Changes

We love watching home makeover or building shows like Fixer Upper or Extreme Home Makeover. There is just something so fascinating about seeing a home come to life! The process, the tough choices, and that crazy amazing end result. We can’t get enough! So, we decided to share our own home building story. So, from the day we chose to build to the final product we’re sharing it right here on the blog:

#1 We’re Building a House

#2 Our Home Design Part 1

#3 Our Home Design Part 2

#4 Why We Chose New Construction

#5 We Broke Ground

#6 Big Changes

#7 Drywall is Up

#8 One Month Away

If you’ve been following along with our home building experience then you’ve seen we started 2 months earlier than planned. Our realtor told us not to get too excited because that didn’t necessarily mean we’d have any changes in our final timeline. There were tons of possibilities that they were just trying to beat colder weather or had a team who had spare time. Patiently, we’ve waited to hear where we were at in the process. It’s been scary not knowing because we want to plan!!

Well, this past week we finally go an update… Our builders have told us to now expect to move in late-January/early-February instead of March/April!!! How crazy?! Just some really big changes in our plans, but really good ones at that. We’re just a couple of months out now people! It just keeps getting more real.

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography | Home Update- Big Changes-11

The iPhone pics are terrible but the joy is real! Also, the white home isn’t ours, its the same model being built ahead of ours.

Over the past month our home went from a loose setup with gravel to having a slab & full frame done. We’ve watched all the changes as they’ve added every little thing from pipes to concrete to walls. It’s clear now where every room will be and its incredible! This house has been our prayers come true. Really, there aren’t words to describe how amazing it is to watch this happen. We’ve just be continually overwhelmed with joy & thankfulness.

For Thanksgiving we had the honor of taking our families out to see it. Getting to show them every room brought us so much joy. We had family in from California, Indiana, and all over Alabama come to see it. Being able to share it with them & with you has been the best part of the whole journey!

So, what’s next? In 2 weeks we’ll have our frame review with the city. That’s where they’ll make sure our home is structurally safe to keep building. After that we’ll get all our electrical, air conditioning ducts, and then siding!! It’s all going to move so quick! What will take the longest, we’ve been told, is the details inside like installing our hardwood floors & tiling. Now, all we have to do is wait!


Katie & Alec

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