April 19, 2019

Life Lately: Moving & More

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Normally, sharing snippets of our lives with you is incredibly fun and easy. From our home building experiences and beyond we’ve loved sharing every moment. These past few months have put us to the test though. It’s been a strange season of life. All at once, we’ve simultaneously experienced some huge highs & some crushing lows.

In December, the weekend after our last wedding and days before Christmas Katie lost her sweet grandfather. It was sudden and so unexpected. We are just thankful that God knew the season we would be entering and we had all of January off to spend time with family & cope at our own pace. While it’s still not easy we’re thankful for his life and choosing to celebrate that.

Life Lately: Moving & More | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Home Photo
This was from closing day!! We’re just so thankful to be in a space we love!

February brought a month of planning. Planning for our home, prepping for wedding season, and packing! There was so much anticipation & excitement. Also, stress because let’s be real, moving ain’t fun. February was also the start of our wedding season and it couldn’t have kicked off any more beautifully!! We also got to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina for a dream engagement session! Talk about being blessed!

March was finally moving month!!! At the same time though we found out we had a dear family member was very sick and spent our time between wedding days moving, editing and sitting in the hospital. Not as glamorous as we hoped the month would be. The week we moved we spent every spare moment we could in the hospital editing & helping family.

Life Lately: Moving & More | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Home Photo

Each of our incredible couples though has made this past month & a half of pure craziness so worth it. We’ve been able to serve some of the kindest, most genuine people you have ever heard of. These months have taught us to value our sweet couple’s even more and we’ve got a newfound appreciation for family formals. It’s been an honor to be a part of 8 weddings and multiple engagements just since February and we’ve got so many more coming up in May & June!!

We’re praying that this next season will be more light & happy; but we’re thankful that God has a plan for the one we’re in now. Our goal is to share with you more of our life than just the highlight reel. Life is messy, stressful, and not pretty sometimes. So, if you’re walking through a tough season like we have been, know you aren’t alone.

Life Lately: Moving & More | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Home Photo

Also, we promise to get pics of our home up as soon as we can! We’ve still just been working on settling in and definitely want to share the progress with you. To be totally honest we still have so much to get done & to buy it feels like we might never be fully settled.


Katie & Alec

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