May 7, 2019

Our Business Journey Part 1: High School

We love stories! Every couple has their own & one of our favorite parts about being wedding photographers is meeting with newly engaged couples and hearing theirs. The excitement of it just gets us. We can’t get enough! And at the end of it, our couples always ask, “What about you?” So, we decided to share our story too. First, we shared our love story and now it’s time for a new one… From our first photos to where we are now here’s our business story!

Back in the days of lockers & high school classes Alec became friends with a couple of guys in his broadcasting class. He wanted to keep growing those friendships, so like any high-schooler would he looked for ways to bond. Back then, he didn’t have many hobbies, so when he heard them both say they were “photographers” it piqued his interest. That was his way to connect!

Christmas time rolled around and he asked his parents for his first camera. Thankfully they listened and he unwrapped the perfect gift! That little Nikon D90 was absolutely beautiful! Right then & there his photography obsession began.

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography | Our Business Journey Part 1 High school
Look at that glamorous angle! So much talent!

Alec started taking photos of literally anything he could after that: old tires, graffiti, and eventually people. He even joined the yearbook team as their lead photographer winning awards for his work. From there, he photographed countless sessions for free until one amazing teacher hired him to take her son’s 2 year old photos.

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography | Our Business Journey Part 1 High school

That’s when it hit him, not only could he have fun taking photos, he could one day get paid to do it! The entrepreneur in him kicked it into gear and he started his own Facebook Page, Alec Dixon Photography. His makeshift website showed off everything from engagement photos to random photos of friends hanging out. It was from this small, humble beginning that it all got started.

He had no clue how far that little camera would take him, and his best journey was about to get started…

Check back for more of the story next week when we’ll share how Katie joined the team! -Blessings, Katie & Alec

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