May 9, 2019

Gear: What’s in Our Bag?

One of our favorite moments when shooting is when strangers or wedding guests come up and ask about our gear. you can tell the people who are hobbyists and the ones who are more armature by their questions. “Ah, I have always wanted that lens!!!” and, “What camera body is that, a Canon!”

We love talking shop & getting to share our suggestions & gear. Every photographer has an idea of what they like, why, and what brand. So, we wanted to share with you what’s in our bag on wedding days! We’ll also tell you what we like and don’t like about all of it & why we chose it.

Today we’ll only be talking actual camera gear and not really our accessories. If you ever have questions about that, ask away!

Canon 5D Mark IV’s

We actually just upgraded so Alec has one too. We were using 2 different camera bodies but wouldn’t recommend it. Having 2 of the same body gives us the same quality, color & abilities on a wedding day. Our favorite thing about the Mark IV is the amazing low-light ability & it’s unparalleled sharpness!

Canon 5D Mark III

This one is our back-up camera. We keep it on hand just in case one of our cameras were to malfunction or die on a wedding day! What we did is kept the body after we upgraded to the IV. It’s such a comfort having it just in case.

Canon 50mm 1.2 L-Series

This is Katie’s go-to lens. It shoots beautifully and gives a gorgeous Bokeh. The one downside is it’s much less sharp than the 1.8.

Canon 50mm 1.8

Alec uses this when he’s doing getting ready photos without Katie. It’s perfect for it & creates a beautiful quality! It came in handy too when we dropped our 1.2 at the start of a wedding day. We shot all of Emmy & Jacob’s wedding with it if you’re interested in seeing the quality & difference!

Gear - What's In Our Bag  - Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec Photography

Canon 85mm 1.4 L-Series

WOW!! We’re officially obsessed with this lens! The quality of it is unreal, the bokeh is stunning & it creates gorgeously creamy shots. We opted for the 1.4 instead of the 1.2 because of the sharpness and image stabilization. Before we even bought it we rented both to figure out which was the best for us!

Canon 135mm L-Series

To be honest, this is our least used lens. We opted for it before the 85mm because it’s $650-900 cheaper. It’s a gorgeous lens, but the 85mm is way more practical for portraits. It gets used most during ceremonies and first looks.

Canon 24-70mm L-Series

This is our reception lens!! We know some people love primes and refuse to do anything else, but we actually sold our 35mm because this was just too good a lens! Having the flexibility to change focal lengths is so important to us when the action is happening.

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham Alabama Katie and Alec | Gear- What's in our bag

Canon 100mm Macro L-Series

Katie would never shoot a wedding without this. It’s he go-to for detail photos! Even more so, Alec uses it frequently during ceremonies!

Canon 70-200mm L-Series

Alec swears by this lens for ceremonies, first looks & first dances. Again, it’s weird to come people but the 2.8 doesn’t bother us because the compression creates just as beautiful a bokeh as any prime! We also use it when we know we’ll be okay with a higher aperture and more detail in our photos.

4 Rf60 Cactus Flashes

We got rid of our Canon 600 Exr IIs when a couple of friends introduced us to Cactus flashes. Now, we could never go back! They’re about 1/3 the cost of a Canon flash, way easier to use & they connect with each other so much more consistently. We love having one on each of our cameras & the other two one stands as kicker lights!

Our gear list has been something we’ve slowly added on to and upgraded since Alec started shooting weddings in 2012. Now, after years we love our gear and feel 100% content that we’re done buying more for at least a year or two! If you have any gear related questions at all leave a comment below or shoot us an email!


Katie & Alec

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