Telling the story of your relationship + wedding day in a way that beautifully compliments your photos.

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We don't approach wedding films like most southern filmmakers. Rather than just creating a video that feels like a template and doesn't dig deep, we focus on telling the unique story of your relationship and day in a meaningful way. We want you and everyone else to see your video and feel those same joyful, heartfelt emotions you did on your wedding day through powerful story telling.

 Our team offers both photo + films to ensure that you get a seamless experience with a consistent style. Your investment into your wedding memories is something that you'll never regret and we want to ensure that you get photos + film that share the same high-quality, thoughtfulness, and complimentary style so they blend together perfectly.

Fun fact: Alec will be your lead film maker! He studied documentary film making in college.

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Most people don't realize that Alec actually studied videography in college, not photography! He has had a passion for video just as long and when we first started working weddings, we did film + photo. Ever since, he has continued creating films for local churches and organizations full-time during the week.

Now, 8 years later he's back serving our couples with films because he wanted them to be able to have the same incredible quality and service as our photography. Our couples have struggled to find videographers who have a similar style which is a big reason we decided to add video back. 

I have too many amazing things to say about Katie & Alec. We chose them knowing how beautiful our photos would turn out but we did not know how sweet, funny and dedicated these two would be. 

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