Wedding Videography Tailored to Tell Your Story as It Truly Happened 

Your Wedding Is Your Story.  And It Should Be Told as Such!

Wedding Films

All too often, we see wedding videographers in Alabama and around the world creating beautiful wedding videos that highlight the “top” parts of the wedding day. They focus on parts like the floral centerpieces or the wedding gown hanging up before the bride puts it on. 

And we couldn’t help but notice these videos were simply highlight reels. 

As filmmakers, not just videographers, we see your wedding differently. We see it for the story it is. 

The story where your venue and your details are the setting. Where your friends and family are the supporting characters. Where the highs and lows that helped you get to this day make up the plot. 
And most importantly, where you two are the main characters. 

When it’s all said and done, we’re sure you’ll have spent countless hours piecing every detail together. But we want to make sure your wedding film doesn’t solely focus on those. 

Fun fact: Alec will be your lead film maker! He studied documentary film making in college.

Why “Filmmakers,” and Not Just Videographers?

Consistency and quality

Instead, it focuses on the reason for the details - 
the two of you starting your forever together. 

I have too many amazing things to say about Katie & Alec. We chose them knowing how beautiful our photos would turn out but we did not know how sweet, funny and dedicated these two would be. 

Lauren & benny

Wedding Videography Tailored to Tell Your Story as It Truly Happened 

The Film Experience

Your wedding is more than a “highlight reel” of the prettiest parts, like the floral centerpieces, the wine you chose, or the flavor of the cake. 

It’s the vows you handwrite in your vow booklets. It’s the quiet, emotional reaction your groom gives when he sees you for the first time. 

It’s made up of your best friends and family driving miles to celebrate you two. It’s the toast your dad gives while trying not to get choked up, as he welcomes your groom to the family. 

And it’s the years it took to get here - the ups and downs - combined with your excitement and hope for, as well as your commitment to your future. 

Our signature filmmaking approach treats it as such. Rather than a templated “highlight reel” that reminds you of how beautiful everything was, we focus on telling the story of how beautiful everyone was. 

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Our Minimalist collection starts at 3800 when paired with a photography collection.
Our Maximalist collection starts at 4950 when paired with a photography collection. 

Your wedding is as unique as your fingerprint. With our 2 supplementary filmmaking collections to match our 2 photography collections, we’ll help you tailor a customized experience to suit your wedding photography and videography wants and needs. 


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