Life Lately: Meet Belle!

Hey Y’all!

Last year we talked on and on about adding another little fur baby to our family, but with how busy we were it felt impossible. We wanted Dixie (our first fur baby) to have a friend when we weren’t around. Plus, Dixie is Alec’s baby 100% and Katie was the one who wanted a cat in the first place!

How were we going to take care of another pet though? What kind of reaction Dixie have? It felt silly at times that we were thinking over it that much, but to us it’s a serious responsibility. Especially with cats who take months to adjust to each other!


Meet Belle | Katie & Alec Photography Best Birmingham Wedding PhotographersAs wedding season wrapped up we talked about it more and more. Eventually, it got to the point where Katie just had to have another cat. So, two days before Christmas we went to the humane society just to look around. By the time we got to Belle, we knew we’d be leaving with a cat. They were all SO darned cute!!!

When we found her she was a little curled up ball in the back of her cage. Through the sneezing, coughing, and runny eyes she cuddled in our arms and we (mainly Katie) fell in love. She just melted into our arms welcoming the attention. We quickly rushed to adopt her and before we knew it she came home with us!

Meet Belle | Katie & Alec Photography Best Birmingham Wedding Photographers

Belle. Bella Boo. Jelly Belly. Our new little baby <3

She’s so mild and gentle. A true kitty introvert who loves cuddling and food. We’re still getting to know her but we love what bits of her personality we’re getting to know so far! It’s been pretty fun to watch her go from a sick, scared cat at the adoption facility to a playful, curious kitty.

It’s been a few weeks now and we have to say it definitely hasn’t been easy. Dixie has been aggressive at times, and getting Belle through her kitty cold was an adventure. We’re happy to say though that she’s made herself right at home and things are slowly getting better between Dixie & Belle. We know with time they’re going to be best buddies and we’re just counting down the days until it finally happens!!


Katie & Alec




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