The App That’s Changing Our Lives

Yep, you read that title right. A simple phone app has somehow managed to change how we’re living our lives. In BIG ways too! We believe that it can change yours too, if you’re willing to commit to trying it out.

Last month we read a post by Jenna Kutcher where she briefly mentioned the Moment App and a few others. We went ahead and downloaded all the ones she mentioned to try them out. Moment stuck out the most because it wasn’t something related to growing our business, but growing our lives!!

It’s a free app that you can upgrade if you want and it tracks your daily phone usage. To be honest for us, it was embarrassing. The very first full day Katie let hers run she clocked 4 and 1/2 hours of phone time. 4 AND 1/2 HOURS of phone time, y’all!!! That’s 1/6th of the day. If she did that every day that would be 31 and 1/2 hours a week, 126 hours a month, and 1,512 hours a year. To put that into perspective that over 1/2 of the time you would work at a 40 hour per week job!!

App That Changed Our Lives | Katie & Alec Photography Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

It was a wake-up call to say the least. So, we kept using Moment and every day we get little reminders letting us know how much we used our phone the day before. It compares how you do compared to the average user, tells you how you how many times you picked up your phone for the day, and you can upgrade to see things like your most used apps. You can even see your weekly or quarterly averages for your phone use.

The best part of it all though is the awareness it creates in your mind. Knowing your phone habits can help wake you up to to how much time you may be wasting of your life on your device. We’ve loved creating a game out of it and seeing some days if we can use it for less than an hour and other goals. It’s given us back DAYS of our lives we didn’t realize we were missing.

We highly suggest downloading it and seeing how much it changes your screen-time habits! The basic version is free so you literally have nothing to loose but the burden of your phone!!


Katie & Alec

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