Wedding Photography Details

Captured in Photos and Through Film

Your First Day of Forever Together

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers and Filmmakers

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Wedding Photography Details

Your wedding photos and film should serve as crystal-clear reminders of how incredible your relationship journey has been. Through the Katie & Alec Photography experience designed to highlight every detail and emotion on your wedding day, you can celebrate and commemorate where your best chapters began. 

Your wedding day shouldn’t be the best day ever.
It should be the start of your best days ahead. 

"This is where our best days together began."

Capturing memories you can look back on, feeling the same butterflies you first felt, and saying… 

Your wedding day shouldn’t be the best day ever. It should be the start of your best days ahead. 

- Kaley Fulton

From the engagement session to our wedding day, they captured our personalities and details that are important to us. On top of that, they made sure all of the poses were natural and felt comfortable to us. 

It was such a fun, relaxed experience with them and my husband!” 

“My husband and I both hate taking pictures, but they made it such a fun experience!” 

- Samantha Thornton

My husband can’t stop talking about how he felt like he was hanging out with a friend the whole day. 

I’ve never had so much fun taking pictures in my life. They were truly a highlight of our wedding day.

“My husband and I were laughing and smiling all day long. It was total bliss.” 

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We know capturing those magazine-worthy images and videos comes down to you feeling comfortable with your photographers. 

That’s why we put so much emphasis on giving you an entire experience, instead of just showing up on your wedding day. 

We’ve taken all the best parts of our roots in the South, like a laid-back, easy attitude mixed with Southern hospitality to create a stress-dissolving photography and video experience. No feeling awkward in front of the camera. No “what am I supposed to do with my hands?” moments. 

Just sheer, relaxed fun with you and the love of your life. Oh, and us, too! We’ll be the ones with the cameras (obviously). 

We’ll walk with you through every step, from the moment we meet each other over ice cream until we hug your neck one last time at the end of your reception.

Inspired by Laid-Back Southern Living.

A Wedding Photography and Videography Experience


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Your wedding day is just the start of your best days ever. 

We are so excited to be a voice of encouragement as you take your first step into your marriage. And we’re doing that the best way we know how: 

Through wedding photography and videos that are a blend of gentle curation - so you have jaw-dropping portraits to hang on your wall - and capturing candid moments as they unfold - so you have the memories that instantly take you back to the day your forever together started.

We have strong beliefs when it comes to weddings and marriage! The big one (that maybe isn’t the most popular in the wedding world)?

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers and Filmmakers

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Start by filling out the inquiry form on our Contact page. Then, we’ll have our first date over ice cream at Jeni’s, where we can chat all about the vision you have for your wedding day, and for your future together. 

You stay wrapped up in the moment as it unfolds. We’ll capture everything for you, so you can relive it over and over again.

On your wedding day…