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Hey y’all! Today we’re covering a very controversial topic in the wedding industry: Pinterest for wedding planning. Ever since the Pinterest craze swept women everywhere into it’s addictive amazingness its been helping people everywhere. From delicious recipes to how to braid your hair it covers everything! That includes wedding planning tips, wedding inspiration, and so much more! How much should you trust those wedding planning lists & tips though as a new bride??

Pinterest can be a powerful tool for brides, if they use it wisely. It’s a great place for finding ideas & inspiration. You can find the perfect color pallet, get ring ideas, and even find out how your invitation suite should be set up. So what’s the downfall to it all?

Like we said, in the wedding world Pinterest can be like a curse word and spark a lot of controversy. There’s a lot of reasons for this but we wanted to cover the big 4 that we see most often! Hopefully these will help you avoid falling into these big mistakes when it comes to using Pinterest to plan your wedding.

Roots & Revelry Ballroom Wedding | Katie & Alec Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers 61

All of the photos on this blog are gorgeous weddings we loved! We used them just to show some inspiration and not to bash them 🙂

It’s a Trend Graveyard

As a new bride opening up Pinterest to look into wedding inspiration may feel daunting. From a wedding vendors perspective Pinterest keeps dying trends alive and misleads many brides-to-be to make out of date decisions. If you’re looking to create a modern, trendy wedding we suggest picking up a few bridal magazines, or better yet, hire a wedding planner to help you!

Misinformation Central

Pinterest is still the internet. What we mean by that is that you shouldn’t always trust what you see there. People create a lot of content just to get you to their website and a lot of it either isn’t relevant, isn’t true, or isn’t based off experience. Just be careful what you read!  Just like you would ask your doctor before jumping into a surgery, your wedding vendors are here to provide you a second opinion. They should be happy to help and can probably give you better inspiration that fits you from their vast experience.

A Destination Lake Lanier Wedding | Best Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

Budget Dreams

We’ve all seen it… “Plan your wedding for under $3,000.” While some couples can pull off very budget friendly weddings most of the time it’s just not realistic. If you’re wanting to have a ton of lush flowers, an incredible band, and that venue you just can’t do without it all comes at a price. Remember, your wedding vendors are working for a living just like any doctor or specialist. Getting a true professional comes at a professional price tag! We just don’t want you to be terribly disappointed when you set a $5000 budget and realize you can’t afford the wedding you really want.

DIY Torture

DIY projects sound great, but beware… a lot of times they can end up costing more money, time, and stress than they’re worth. Our suggestion is to keep your DIY projects to a minimum and make sure you can handle all the added stress of taking on such time consuming projects before your wedding. Just try to weigh the true cost of DIYing versus keeping your sanity. Sometimes it’s worth outsourcing these things to professionals to maintaining your sanity & have fun wedding planning!


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