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We're Katie & Alec Dixon. Ice cream obsessed, fun-loving husband-and-wife wedding photographers based in Birmingham, Alabama. We shoot joy-filled weddings on the weekends and fill our weeks with editing, too much sugar, and things that make us laugh hard. It's our belief that wedding planning can be stressful, but your wedding photography shouldn't be. Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the web. We hope that you'll stay a-while and enjoy our latest work & posts. 

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The Story of Us


Weddings are so unique in the fact that they literally involve dozens of people helping you pull things together. From your team of professional vendors to your families & bridal party it’s a lot of people. While that’s a great thing, it also means your day isn’t 100% in your control. Some things are left […]

For Brides

October 22, 2019

5 Threats to Destroy Your Wedding Timeline


Wedding days are made of 1,000 little parts. Every vendor will have a different timeline for what they’ll be doing, and they’re all covering something different. When it comes to photography, it will be your most important timeline because it impacts the flow of the whole day. But how do you know what you should […]

For Brides

October 18, 2019

11 Things to Include in Your Wedding Timeline


As your wedding day gets closer & closer, so do the tasks you have to take care of. It can feel like there is all too much & it can easily get overwhelming. The last thing you want to do is forget something important. Especially when it comes to your wedding photos having a detail […]

For Brides

October 9, 2019

A Wedding Day Detail Checklist


We’ve got one GORGEOUS post for you today!! With so many stunning weddings this year we needed to do another engagement ring round-up! We’ve got 15 of the most stunning engagement rings you’ve ever seen to inspire you! There’s everything from classic solitaires to one-of-a-kind vintage rose gold rings. YEAH. It’s a post packed with […]

For Brides

October 8, 2019

15 Incredible Engagement Rings You’ll Love


Today we’re talking all about getting bright & airy wedding photos. This is one of the biggest posts we’ve been asked to do! Y’all really want to know how to get those dreamy, light photos! A lot of it is based on your photographer, but there are also some other factors that will have a […]

For Brides

October 7, 2019

How to Get Bright & Airy Wedding Photos


Hey brides, we promised you some quick wedding tips with no fluff. We promised, so here it is, our extensive list of tips we want our couples to know and that’s it: -Don’t go into debt for your wedding. A majority of marriages end due to financial problems. Starting off your marriage by going into […]

For Brides

August 2, 2019

Quick Tips for Brides, No Fluff

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