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Wedding days are a rush, a whirl, a fleeting moment in time. Between hair and makeup, photos with your bridal party, and just the general business of a wedding day, it all flies by quickly. When people tell you this, they mean it.

As photographers, it’s our job to ensure we document as many of these moments as possible before they’re gone forever. It’s a job we don’t take lightly. Every photo we take tells a part of the story of your wedding day.

Every wedding day we approach, we have a set list in our mind of photos we absolutely cannot miss. It’s a photo we get at every single wedding, no matter what is going on or how crazy the timeline was. In fact, it’s the first photo we take during couple’s portraits every single time. But, unfortunately, this is s a picture we’ve heard from friends (who did not use us) that they never got, and it breaks our hearts. Heck, we’ve even seen Tik Toks about people regretting not getting this photo because it’s that prevalent.

This must-have photo is a simple image of you both smiling at the camera.

One Photos - Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms Spring Wedding for Ashley & Chase | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography

This photo sounds basic, but so many brides love it when we mention prioritizing this during their consultation. It’s so important to us that we include it in our sample album and cover it in every consultation.

While having fun candid photos or artistic ones is always great (and a must for us), nothing beats a classic shot. These are the photos that will one day be placed on your mantle in a silver frame. It’s the photo that your grandchildren will look back on and love so much.

So, whether you’re booking with us or hiring another photographer we ask that you make sure you get this photo before your wedding day is over! Our Katie & Alec couples know that this is the first photo we take at every engagement session, wedding, and anniversary session we shoot. You can rest easy knowing you’ll get this one incredibly special photo any time you’re in front of our cameras.


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