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The week of your wedding will include a lot of moving parts. You’ll have nail appointments, your rehearsal dinner, and tons of last minute details to attend to. In the midst of all that one important thing to think about is preparing for your wedding photos. At the end of the week that’s the one real thing that will be left from it.

Preparing for your photos doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we want to help you prep with as little stress as possible. To help with that here are our top ten details to make sure you pack for detail photos!

Your Invitation Suite (with Envelopes)

Your wedding invitations are the first experience guests will have with your wedding day design. Not just that, but they’re great for detail photos because they’re so personal and beautiful. They add so much to the photos too! As photographers, we absolutely love it when our couples pack those along with their other details.

All 3 Rings

Before you go handing off your wedding bands to your maid of honor and best man, keep them for details. Your rings are a huge part of your wedding day and represent so much. We love to make sure they’re shown off front and center in your photos!

Camelot Manor Wedding - Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography

Your Wedding Shoes

Even if they’re plain, we want to make sure we have these to include. They’re a part of your wedding look which makes them important! Some brides even buy pretty shoes just for photos if they aren’t heel people which cracks us up. We’re all about pretty details!


Yep, this one is easy to forget but a gorgeous Chanel bottle or the like looks so pretty in pictures! Plus, it will help remind you to use it once we give your detail box/bag back to you.

Your Jewelry

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hairpieces. If it’s sparkly we want it for pictures!

Detail Anniston Alabama Wedding Day at Classic on Noble - Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

Your Veil

Go ahead and steam your veil right at the start of the day so we can have it for pictures. We love using veils to layer in for pictures, especially if it has pretty details like lace or beading on it.

Family Heirlooms

This is the perfect part of the day to document all those special details. Whether its your grandma’s ring, your grandpa’s handkerchief or your mom’s strand of pearls we love incorporating it all into your photos!

Any Special Hanger

If you’ve had a custom hanger made or an antique one, go ahead and put it on your dress. This will save us time from having to put it on ourselves and will make sure you don’t forget it!

Camelot Manor Wedding - Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography

Extra Flowers

We LOVE when our KA couples ask for their florist to leave extra flowers for detail pictures. Fresh blooms add so much detail and texture to photos, plus it helps match those pictures to your overall wedding day design. Plus, who doesn’t love fresh flowers! They’re just so pretty!

Custom Items

If you’ve had koozies, cookies, or other custom items made please include them! Detail pics don’t have to just be of your personal details. It can be reception items, favors or anything else important to you!! We love when couples get original with their items!

Bonus Tip:

We highly recommend keeping all your details in one bag or box. Packing this the week of your wedding will help you stay organized. It will also help us as your photographers to make the most of our time. We’ll be able to grab them all at once and get right to work!


If you’re wondering if you should include a specific item, ask us! Or, go ahead and include it. We want to make sure we capture what’s most important to you. Even if that means photographing a unique item like a rosary or the like!


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