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Every so often we discover items we just love and have to share with you with a Friday Favorites post! We’re not normally big on promoting things unless we know they work and we personally use them often. These specific products have had us raving about them to everyone we know!

We’ll preface by saying we definitely aren’t influencers, and we’re not making a dime off these recs.┬áToday we had to hop on because we just had to share them with you.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

First up is Katie’s new ultrasonic ring cleaner and cleaning solution. We’d seen people talk about them on social media but just didn’t pull the trigger to buy one. After Katie broke her engagement ring by having it deep cleaned a few too many times, we knew it was time to buy it.

When we got it in we didn’t know what to expect. It had great reviews on Amazon, but some things you just have to see for yourself! Well, we’re happy to say that this ring cleaner and solution blew us out of the water! It’s quickly become one of our favorites! Katie’s rings look like she just left the jeweler from having them cleaned. If you’ve been on the fence about buying one, you won’t be disappointed with it.

Here’s a link to the ultrasonic ring cleaner.

Here’s a link to the cleaning solution.

How I Destroyed My Engagement Ring - Katie & Alec Photography

Portable Neck Fan

Next up is this amazing rechargeable neck fan. Hot wedding days are undoubtedly one of our biggest problems. There’s not a lot of options for us to cool down while we hold a camera. That was until we found this neck fan! It’s no hands required, rechargeable, super strong, and has LED lights for when we’re on the dance floor. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to be outside in the Summer whether it’s working a wedding, golfing, or doing yard work!

Here’s a link to the neck fan.

At-Home Gel Nail Kit

Having a fresh manicure is such a great feeling! It’s expensive to keep up with it though, and for Katie, her nail salon is over 30 minutes away. So, she found a new solution, this at-home gel kit! While it’s definitely not the same as a professional doing it, the results have been phenomenal! It’s easy to use, works with any LED nail lamp, and the color selection is bomb. It’s perfect for a night out, a quick mani at home, or when you just want a quick refresh.

Here’s a link to the gel polish kit Katie got.


If you decide to try out our Friday Favorites products we’d love to know what you think of them! We hope they serve you as well as they have us!


Katie & Alec

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