Why Do Prints Matter?

In a time where digital media is king and print is slowly dying, who prints their photos anymore? Besides Christmas cards and the occasional trip to Walgreens for that 9 cent print most people don’t. Heck, there are even digital frames now that will rotate through images! We totally get it. A majority of our photos live somewhere in the cloud, which is awesome and super easy to access. All of our clients get digital galleries of their images versus prints or thumb drives. It’s just easier.

Today though we wanted to open up to you about why prints matter. With how digital everything is most people snap hundreds or even thousands of photos a year, from their phones! If we’re real though, how many times do we forget those photos exist until we accidentally stumble upon them later on. Or, even worse, our memory fills up and we have to choose which memories we care about more… YIKES!! It makes us cringe when that notification pops up telling us we have to delete something.

Prints | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

The emotion the moment you walked down the aisle…

Now imagine, your precious wedding photos, those moments you never want to forget… being left out on the cloud and never touched. Maybe you’ve shared them to Facebook or Instagram, but what would happen if those both went away. Would you be left without those photos? Would all your memories you’ve capture over the years just disappear? If we’re honest a lot of ours would. Memories from college when we were falling in love, Katie’s perm days, and so many countless family photos… gone (well maybe the perm ones could disappear and we’re be 100% okay with it haha!).

Having hard copies of those photos you treasure the most though can ease that worry. While Facebook or whatever online medium you store your photos might not disappear anytime soon they still aren’t guaranteed. Plus, who wants their photos lost in the shuffle and the business.

Prints | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

Seeing the faces of your loved ones and just how proud they were of you on that day!


Prints allow for you to get a few major benefits:

  1. You have a hard copy of your favorite memories!
  2. You can regularly relive and be reminded of your favorite moments. Forget them getting lost in cyber-space!
  3. You can display them proudly and surround yourself with memories! What’s sweeter than that.
  4. They can become family heirlooms.

While we won’t unpack most of those we do want to hit a little harder on #4. Having an album or prints or your photos gives you something tangible to pass down. One day your kids or grand kids can flip through the pages and be transported back in time to when Grandma & Grandpa were young! What an awesome gift to give them. A physical reminder of the love that lead to them. One image can do all that and show them just how much marriage and your love has influenced their life. How crazy! We know this sounds extreme but think about your own photos from past generations. How cool is it to look back and see the fashion, the expressions, the joy? You have a chance to create that same power for future generations!

Prints | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

The the emotion as you walk back down it as HUSBAND & WIFE!!

So, even though prints don’t seem like a huge priority sometimes or can even seem like a time waster, just take a moment to think it over. Go print a few of your all-time favorite images and hang them up somewhere you can see them! We bet they bring you joy & peace as you think of all the good times you’ve had in life!



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