July 20, 2020

Business in a Global Pandemic

Hey Friends,

Lately things have been undoubtedly different that anyone could have anticipated. Every time we see a KA couple or talk to friends and family they all want to know one thing: how has business been during quarantine and shut downs? So, we thought we’d answer that for you on the blog today.

Our Couples

First, we have to start by saying we are so thankful for each of our incredible couples. Their resiliency, grace and strength in this unprecedented time is astounding. To say we’re so proud of them would be a wild understatement. As we’ve watched countless couples face the tough decision to postpone it’s been hard to see. At first we thought for sure they’d be devastated and just wait until later in this year or even into next to get married. We’re thankful to say we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Couple after couple has chosen to elope and host a huge celebration later on down the line! We’ve loved getting to play a role in their marriages even if the day it happens doesn’t look like they had originally planned. Katie even got to be the witness on one of their marriage certificates, which is seriously the biggest honor!!

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers - Katie & Alec Photography Pandemic

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers - Katie & Alec Photography Pandemic

Our Business 

On our end, things have actually stayed really busy between elopements, engagement sessions and other shoots. We’ve loved being able to see so many past couples lately for their maternity or family sessions! We didn’t realize how comforting it would be to see them again in this crazy time and we’re so glad it happened.

Now that we’re in late summer we’ve had more and more weddings happening and are slowly getting back into the swing of things. They’re definitely looking different with masks and hand sanitizer but it feels SO good to be back! We’ve definitely missed dress fluffing and wedding cake 🙂

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on our business like never before. Since we had “down time” we didn’t want to waste a hidden blessing. Instead, we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to prepare for the upcoming season. We’ve added a lot of new goodies to our styling kit, we’ve ordered new gear and worked on our old gear, and we’ve even been working on a new gallery system. Next up we’re planning to overhaul the blog and make some needed changes to our website and we can’t wait!!! Our main goal is to make sure we use this pandemic “down time” to make sure the back end of our business is efficient!

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers - Katie & Alec Photography Pandemic


On a personal note, Alec and I have been doing the best we can. This pandemic definitely threw us for a loop. Some days are harder than others and we definitely weren’t immune to some anxiety from the pandemic. Katie’s Dad has special health issues so a lot of time and energy has been spent helping him. We can definitely says its been helping us connect more with our families.

We’ve also taken some time to rest, we’ve been working on fun house projects and we have watched everything imaginable on Netflix haha! Not to mention our 1,000 trips to Sonic too. It’s been nice to at least have time to work on our home and we’re excited for the changes we’ve been able to make. Every day it’s feeling more and more finished!


We’re really ready to get back to “normal” although we know that’s probably a good ways off. Until then we’re making the most out of every day. Just like everyone else it’s been a journey to figure out how we can navigate pandemic life. We’re just thankful because we know God’s timing is good!


Katie & Alec

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