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Our goal with every wedding is to create soft, bright, and natural-looking images + films that allow your story to unfold authentically. Our balance of photojournalism, natural and artistic composition honors the integrity of your wedding day—allowing you to enjoy every moment and still receive photographs that will evoke joy and emotion for years to come.  

What sets us apart is we're truly a husband-and-wife team. We don't have an extensive associate team that we’re passing you off to; instead, you get the owners of the business, who are committed to serving you with everything they have. So you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands and that we care deeply because we're the ones behind the camera.

Every step of the process we've created is to learn more about your unique story and to make your wedding photos + film all that you've dreamed they would be. You will receive a personally tailored approach from our questionnaires to learn more about your priorities to a custom photo + film timeline. We've shot over 200 weddings since 2014 and bring our storytelling + intention to every wedding we document.

We're college sweet hearts who prefer experiences over material items, love traveling, eat too many sweets, and who love encouraging others in their marriage.


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read the story

From when we met to where we are now, follow our love story. 

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Katie & Alec

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I remember the first time I saw Alec on our college campus... It was the first week of my Freshmen year and I had decided I wouldn't date in college, and let alone find "the one" there. But there he was, playing ultimate Frisbee with some of his friends from Campus Crusade. I instantly thought he was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. Tall, dark, handsome and he had the greatest smile. Inside I melted as he walked towards me with a friend of his and invited me to join them. I had never thrown a Frisbee before, but I didn't care if I made a fool of myself... I had to get to know this handsome stranger! In that moment everything I thought changed and I knew I needed to have him in my life.

From there we became good friends but I figured he would never notice me. I am so thankful that I couldn't have been more wrong!...

That tall, dark, and handsome man quickly became my best friend and still is today. He has a way of making me laugh even when I'm upset, serving me with more grace than I deserve, and showing me that life is about enjoying every little thing we've been given. He's taught me more in our time together about God, love, and life than I ever imagined possible. 

Alec and I absolutely love God's design for marriage. It's the greatest adventure we've ever embarked on. There's just nothing better than experiencing life with your best friend by your side!! We believe that marriage should above all be honored, celebrated, and preserved in its most authentic state. It is one of our greatest honors to be able to work with couples about to enter into this journey with us and to encourage them to make the very most of it. Seriously, it's one of our all-time favorite things to be able to champion other couples as they promise each other forever!

Three years after we met we were married and started our own journey as husband + wife s. Now we shoot weddings because we truly believe that marriage is a treasure. We love helping couples enjoy their wedding photography experience while focusing on what matters most: their marriage. What a crazy honor!!

As my husband and I reflect on what we are most thankful for this year, Katie and Alec appear at the top of the list! Beyond the images that our families and guests are still talking about, Katie and Alec bring a calming presence to every situation.

Brooklyn & Trevor

Our Top 5 Favorites

It was such a surreal experience & now we're literally living in our dream home. We actually blogged the whole process too so you can follow along!

Starting back in September 2018 we built our first home!


The Home We Built Together (literally)

What can we say? We loved living downtown and never plan on being far from city life. Charleston, NYC, and Dallas are a few of our favorites!

Really, any big city!



Whether we're traveling across the world for a wedding or just for fun, it brings us so much joy!

There's nothing more exciting than exploring new places.



Dixie & Belle the cats, and Ava May, our doggo! They're the best live-in assistants and cuddlers around!! Our lives are happier (and a little harrier) thanks to them!

Meet our three crazy, super adorable fur babies: 


Our Fur Babies

 Our favorites are Sonic slushes, honeybuns & lots of ice cream!!

If it's covered in sugar, sweet to the taste or made of chocolate, then count us in!



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