Life Lately: We Broke Ground!!!

We love watching home makeover or building shows like Fixer Upper or Extreme Home Makeover. There is just something so fascinating about seeing a home come to life! The process, the tough choices, and that crazy amazing end result. We can’t get enough! So, we decided to share our own home building story. So, from the day we chose to build to the final product we’re sharing it right here on the blog:

#1 We’re Building a House

#2 Our Home Design Part 1

#3 Our Home Design Part 2

#4 Why We Chose New Construction

#5 We Broke Ground

#6 Big Changes

#7 Drywall is Up

Hey, friend! We’re so happy to have you here! These past few months have gone by like a blur. It’s just been such a busy season! So, we figured it was time to drop back in and say, “hi!!” We’ve had a few good things going on in life we just can’t wait to share (one special one about breaking ground…).

Katie & Alec Updates

Wedding season has been winding down for us after October came to an end. In fact, we only have 3 more weddings left for 2018 and it’s crazy!! This year has been busier than any other in our lives and we’re trying to plan better for 2019 to provide rest for ourselves. That means creating a little margin to rest in-between weddings. No more 11 wedding weekends in a row, no more saying yes to everything that comes our way. Our goal is to max out at 3 weddings a month and take at least 2 Sundays completely off from work a month. It sounds simple but it’s so much harder than it sounds. We love what we do so our instinct is to not shy away from an opportunity to shoot.Broke Ground | Katie & Alec Photography Best Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

We’ve also got so many amazing weddings lined up for 2019!! It bring us so much joy knowing we have the sweetest couples on the books for next year & we think it will be the best year yet! With our goal to cut down we only have a limited amount of open dates left, so if you’re looking to book now is the perfect time to contact us!

House Updates

We weren’t expecting to be giving this update until mid to late December. Initially we were told there wasn’t a chance we’d start before that. Recently we went to our future neighborhood, not expecting to see our lot touched and what we found shocked us!! They already broke ground and are prepping to pour the foundation!!! Earlier this week we went back to check it and they’ve finished all the rebar in just a couple of days! It’s finally starting to get real and we’re baffled. Surreal, that’s the only word we can think of to describe it… Seeing the basic outline of our house, OUR house, has blown us away. We don’t know what this means for our move in date, but we’re hoping its all a good sign.

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photogrpahers Katie & Alec | Broke Ground

In celebration of breaking ground we went back out to get some video footage to show off the space coming to life. We want to document every little step of this process because it’s just so special. When else will we ever build a home? Let alone build our first home together?! We know we’ll look back on this one day and be so thankful we documented every bit of it 🙂 So, here’s a few of our sneak peeks of what’s been developing at the future Dixon casa!!

Broke Ground | Katie & Alec Photography Best Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

Broke Ground | Katie & Alec Photography Best Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

With so much going on & changing in our lives we’re making our best effort to keep you updated. If you don’t follow us on Instagram, we also share so much of our lives through Insta-Stories so follow us if you’re interested in keeping up!



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