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We love watching home makeover or building shows like Fixer Upper or Extreme Home Makeover. There is just something so fascinating about seeing a home come to life! The process, the tough choices, and that crazy amazing end result. We can’t get enough! So, we decided to share our own home building story. So, from the day we chose to build to the final product we’re sharing it right here on the blog:

#1 We’re Building a House

#2 Our Home Design Part 1

#3 Our Home Design Part 2

#4 Why We Chose New Construction

#5 We Broke Ground

#6 Big Changes

#7 Drywall is Up

#8 One Month Away


AHHH!! This is perhaps the most exciting blog post we’ve ever shared… After nearly a month of deliberating, researching, and all the behind-the-scenes planning we can finally announce… We’re building a house!!! We thought announcing this would be the perfect way to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary (which is today). It’s hard wrapping our minds around it all because it still feels so surreal but we couldn’t picture a better start to year 4 for us.

We’ve found the perfect home for our little family & we can’t wait to share it with you. For now we’re in the early building process but wanted to give you the full story of how we got here, so get ready for a story, friend!

Starting the Process

For the past year we knew we wanted to move in Spring 2019. We absolutely LOVE our little slice of Homewood but the house we’re in is a measly 1,006 square feet. That’s so tiny and has left us with no room to move around. It’s hard having 2 people, 3 cats (we have a temporary foster kitty with us currently), & 1 business all in one little house! Plus, we really have been craving somewhere we can truly call our own and make our own. Renting is great but it’s a temporary fix to what we really wanted. So, next Spring would be perfect timing because our current lease ends in March & it would give Katie’s preparation loving heart time to get ready. Win, win, win.

Life Lately We're Building a House | Katie & Alec Photography Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham Alabama1

Us signing our contract!! Also… yes we are those “extra” people who brought their camera for this moment!!!

Finding “the” Neighborhood

As we’ve dreampt up our future home we’ve looked all over Birmingham. Like anyone would, we’ve compared school systems, taxes, etc. and drawn up all the pro & con lists you could imagine (Katie could rival Rhory Gilmore in her pro & con list making abilities). The more we looked at it the more we really liked Hoover & Trussville. Alec works a lot with a local church in Trussville and is out there throughout the week so that gave us an extra push toward the burbs. Then, he visited a friends house for a project he was working on in the area and he knew… That’s when he called Katie and said, “I’ve found our neighborhood.” It is such a beautiful, beachy feeling area with a ton of other young couples so it felt like the perfect fit.

The first time we walked around a model home we knew it felt right and could sense so much peace! We had never considered a new build opportunity because we just didn’t realize it was an option for us. Thinking about it now though we know building our own home is the perfect fit for us!!

Life Lately We're Building a House | Katie & Alec Photography Best Wedding Photographers in Birmingham Alabama1

One of the most surreal moments in our lives, standing on OUR new lot!

What’s Next- Actually Building

Like we mentioned, this is expected to be about an 8 month process! Our goal is to keep y’all updated all along the way. We’ve already picked our lot, home design, and next up is our official design meeting where we get to pick exactly what our home will look like on the inside (EEEEEP!!!) Haha, to say the very least we’re ecstatic and at the same time nervous to see what’s in store for us these next few months. If you’re the praying type, please pray with us that as we prepare to start this process we’ll have peace and that this will be a smooth, easy process!! We can’t wait to see how God leads us through this process and how He continues to grow our marriage!

Until our next home update (!!!!!)

Katie & Alec

P.S. Happy anniversary babe! I love you SO much!!! I know you made me promise I wouldn’t do a full anniversary post but just know I am so thankful I get to live this life with you! -Katie


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