November 10, 2017

How to Pick Her Engagement Ring

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Hey fellas,

Today we’re going to share a little wisdom to help you pick the perfect engagement ring for your future fiance! We know this is a huge decision and there is a lot riding on this one little ring. So, we’ll keep it short & simple so you can get to picking out that perfect rock already!

Listen to Her “Subtle” Hints

Believe us, every girl will provide some sort of subtle hint to help you in the engagement ring search. Katie used to mention how much she liked silver over gold. When it came time for Alec to buy a ring he knew white gold or platinum was the way to go! maybe she mentioned that she loves the shape of a friends center stone or the band her mom wears. We suggest just thinking back and paying attention.

How to Pick Her Engagement Ring | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie and Alec

Look at What She Already Wears

Take a look at the jewelry she wears a try to get a sense of her style! You’ll be able to see which color band she’ll love, which style she likes. See if she tends to wear more simple, sweet pieces or big & flashy. Maybe she loves rose gold or elaborate pieces. It can help you get a general idea of what she likes.

Think of Her Personality

Believe it or not an engagement ring can really show off personality! Some are really trendy, classic, or even whimsical. When you’re looking at rings ask yourself if it seems like it would fit your girlfriend’s personality. This can also help you decide which rings to count out of the running!

How to Pick Her Engagement Ring | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie and Alec

Ask Her Family & Friends

Trust us, she’s probably mentioned to her closest people what type of ring she wants. Maybe her family has an heirloom ring to pass down that they want to give her. Perhaps she has told her best friends that when you start getting serious about proposing to let you know what types of ring design she likes. Checking with them may be the best thing you could do in your ring search!

Look at Her Pinterest Board

If you’ve never heard of Pinterest before it’s okay. It’s a website that’s all about recipes, gift ideas, wedding inspiration, and oh so much more. You can create a profile on there and save ideas to “boards.” In fact a ton of girls start pinning dream wedding & engagement ring ideas! We suggest hopping on to Pinterest, typing in your fiances name and checking her boards to see if she has any rings pinned! It’s a simple & sneaky way to make sure you’re getting the perfect bling.

How to Pick Her Engagement Ring | Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie and Alec


We hope that these tips help you as you go to search for the perfect ring. A couple of other great options are to ask your jeweler, or if you’re a little more non-traditional some guys even take their girlfriend to look at rings. Either way, in the end your girlfriend & soon to be fiance will love the ring you choose because she loves you & wants to marry you 🙂 All she’ll want to know is you tried you hardest & put a lot of thought into it because you love her too.

Best of luck,

Katie & Alec

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