May 31, 2018

Life Lately: Wedding Season & More

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Oh my goodness, y’all… We haven’t done a life lately blog post in what feels like forever!!! It’s definitely overdue, because we’ve been busy as can be and want to share!

We’ve been as busy behind the scenes as we’ve been with our business these past few months. So much so that we originally wrote this post a month ago and never got around to sharing it… Oops!! We’ve bounced around between a much needed beach vacation, work trips, and Katie was even in a wedding last month as a bridesmaid in Tennessee. Our college friend & Katie’s old roommate Sarah married the love of her life with a perfect wedding in the country. It was the first wedding we’ve been a guest at in years. We attempted to take some iphone photos but who knew it was a whole lot harder to get a good one with those?! It was so different being in the wedding versus working weddings (and we have to say we really love our jobs and prefer being the ones shooting!).


Hello Instagram photos. Can’t believe we forgot to take real photos!!

Katie also got a new shirt, that she apparently really likes… like a little too much. Scalloped shirts forever, y’all!


We also managed to get in front of the camera ourselves this month and had our anniversary photos & new head shots done! It was fun spending time focusing on our marriage & documenting such a special season of joy in our lives. Plus, we really love our photos!!! See some of our favorites here!

Life Lately Wedding Season | Katie & Alec Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

The last couple months have also meant the start of a super fun (and packed) wedding season, and it’s only going to get crazier! We’ve been so honored to work with some of the sweetest, most genuinely joyful couples and we’ve been reminded each weekend why we love our jobs! We know that might sound a little crazy, but it’s us being 100% honest. From getting to work at one of our bucket list venues, the Sonnet House, to shooting a destination wedding at Lake Lanier its been so fun!



When the behind the scenes shot is accidental… hahaha!



Life Lately Wedding Season | Katie & Alec Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

When we actually manage to hand off our cameras for a moment!! We LOVE this sweet couple!

Next month we’ve got some big things planned including a trip to Nashville to celebrate both our birthdays!! We promise in the future we’ll try to be better with our iphone snaps 😉



Katie & Alec



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