July 14, 2018

An Open Letter to My Husband on His Birthday

Dear Alec,


This morning as you wake up on your birthday you’ll be prepping our bags for a wedding like you always do. We’ll get ready, hop in the car and go off to celebrate others as they enter into marriage. You’ll put yourself second and make sure to serve others with kindness and joy. I know you and you’ll be 100% okay with not being celebrated like you deserve because you love others so well. That’s one of the reasons I love you so much!!

It’s funny that the past 2 years have meant work on your birthday and you’ve never once complained. You still get just as excited for our couples and go all out to make their day amazing. You genuinely are the funniest, most thoughtful man I’ve ever met and I am so proud to call you my husband. Every day with you is full of laughter and adventure because it’s hard-wired into you to create those things. Thank you for always leading our family well, for being the sound, steady one, and for always cleaning up after me! Thank you for being such a loyal husband, son & friend.

Birthday-Katie-&-And-Alec-Photography-Best-Wedding-Photogrpahers-In-Birmingham-Alabama 311

I couldn’t get away without posting some silly photos of you babe hahaha!! This is definitely much more “you” than anything else!

You’re my handsome man, my goofball, my in-house magician, and the sweetest part of my every day. I love you, Alec Dixon. You’re such an amazing man and I couldn’t possibly be more thankful that I get the honor of doing life alongside you. You’re seriously such a huge blessing in my life! I hope & pray that this year is one of growth, grace, and so much joy for you (oh, and lots of cream soda & Reese’s Cups)! You deserve such an incredible year 🙂


Love you so much, babe!



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