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As you’re planning for your engagement session the biggest decision is where we’ll shoot them. The backdrop for your photos can make a huge difference! Of course, we always suggest picking somewhere that’s special to you. Places that hold meaning will add so much emotional value to your photos.

If you’ve tried to think of somewhere and nothing comes to mind, that’s okay too. We’re always here for recommendations! Over the years, we’ve shot all over Birmingham. That means we’ve seen it all and have some favorite locations to share!

So, here are our favorite spots, not necessarily the most popular in Birmingham. We’ll also tell you why we love them so much from a photography perspective.

Parking Decks

We LOVE the look of a parking deck for pictures! From our perspective, they add so much “wow” factor & color. On top of it all, the all-white concrete makes the light extra gorgeous, and we’re ALL about good light. Add in the fact they show off our beautiful Birmingham and we’re sold. This is hands down our favorite out of all the locations, personally 🙂

Brad & Katie - Birmingham, Alabama Engagement Photographers Katie & Alec Photography 6
Downtown Birmingham Engagement Photos - Birmingham, Alabama Engagement & Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography

The Birmingham Bridges

Again, we’re fools for a beautiful city backdrop so these bridges are another favorite. It’s bright, classic & has a stunning view of the city. There’s also something so special about sunset photos here! This one is still urban but with timeless charm!
Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Birmingham Engagement Session Locations Our Favorites

All White Marble Church

DREAMY. That’s the one word we have for this jaw-dropping location! It’s all marble and makes for the most classic, clean photos. If you’re looking for a timeless backdrop for your engagement photos this is it. As photographers, we love it because it adds so much brightness to your photos & makes everything looks more colorful!

Bella & Alex - Birmingham, Alabama Engagement Session | Katie & Alec Photography 1Ali & Taylor's Engagement Photos

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

No matter what time of year or what the weather is like, this is a favorite! It’s full of natural beauty and so many unique locations in one place. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s full of flowers & stunning plants! This is our favorite “romantic” location for obvious reasons. It’s even got a greenhouse that makes for beautiful rainy day photos.

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Birmingham Engagement Session Locations Our Favorites
Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Birmingham Engagement Session Spots Our Favorites
This is inside the greenhouse while it was pouring outside!!

The Birmingham Overlook

Who doesn’t love a beautiful view of Birmingham? This lovely road sits higher than Vulcan and is less crowded. It is a gated road, so it’s a spot that you need to walk a short distance to get to. We do want to say, it’s best as your last location since it’s a very sunny and bright spot. 

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Birmingham Engagement Session Locations Our Favorites
Patrick & Meredith's Birmingham, Alabama Engagement Session - Birmingham, AL wedding & engagement photographers Katie & Alec Photography

The Ivy Staircase

This is just such a unique little spot in the city! It makes you feel like you’re not in Birmingham anymore even though you’re right in the heart of downtown. We love how classy and timeless it feels. This location is best in the Summer since it’s at its peak green then. 

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers | Birmingham Engagement Session Locations Our Favorites

The Classic White Wall

If you’re looking for clean, fresh images here you go. Literally the most perfect of all “light, bright & airy” locations!! It may seem simple but sometimes that’s best. This spot is especially perfect for save-the-date photos or ones for your wedding website. You can easily add text without distraction! This location & photos here will never go out of style!

Marble Church Engagement Session in Birmingham, Alabama - Katie & Alec Photography

The best part of all these locations is one thing: they’re all centrally located in Birmingham. That’s right, they’re all within 10 minutes of each other and are perfect to make sure we have enough time to change & get tons of photos! All you have to do now is pick which one of these dreamy spots to pick!


Katie & Alec

If you’re looking for more engagement inspiration check out our real Katie & Alec engagement sessions here!

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