April 30, 2019

Is Blogging Still a Thing?

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We get asked a lot by other business people why we blog so much. Most people bought into the idea that blogging died years ago. While we will admit it’s not as popular as it used to be, it’s definitely alive and well.

For us, it’s a critical business tool. In fact, we believe we can attribute a lot of our success to it! It’s not always easy finding time to blog or thinking of new ideas, let’s be real, that’s really hard! What it is though is totally worth it. So, if you’re considering if blogging is for you, here are some perks we’ve found.

Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama - Best of Weddings & Engagements 2018 Katie & Alec Photography - Is Blogging a Thing?
  1. Its a fabulous tool for SEO– Google LOVES when you create fresh new content. If it crawls your site and sees you’re constantly working & producing content it knows you’re active. It also can show Google you’re relevant to your audience. I.E. if we did a post on our favorite wedding venues in Birmingham, Alabama it shows we’re serving our target audience well. This means it will prioritize us when ranking us for our keywords.
  2. People love a good story– For us, our main motivation to blog is we love how excited our couples get when we share their story. It’s a unique way to share their wedding photos with their family & friends. It’s also a valuable way to share helpful tips & more of our own story. We’ve met so many sweet people who feel like they know us just based on our blog!
  3. It’s a beautiful way to preserve memories– From our own personal posts to those of our couples, we love looking back. These blogs are more than just a cute product of our work. It serves as a time capsule of sorts to preserve the history of our business. We can look back and see our lives change, our couple’s stories develop, and its a huge blessing.
  4. Just take a look for yourself, here’s our first wedding blog ever from January 2016 and here’s our most recent wedding! We’ve come SO far and it’s a great reminder to us of where we started. There’s nothing sweeter than to look back at how far we’ve come!
Wedding Photographers in Birmingham, Alabama - Best of Weddings & Engagements 2018 Katie & Alec Photography - Is Blogging a Thing?

Blogging has so many benefits! Seriously, we could list so many more! If you’re wondering if it’s for you, feel free to reach out. It’s so worth the investment of your time and energy. If you diligently blog and make sure to be authentic you’ll reap so many rewards you never could have expected!


Katie & Alec

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