April 20, 2019

4 Secrets to a Comfortable Wedding Day

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Weddings are built on creating a beautiful day. Whether that’s the gorgeous dress you’ll wear or the stunning reception where you’ll dance the night away. Either way, there is a lot of standing, moving & sometimes pain involved. People always say, “beauty is pain,” but this takes it to a whole new level.

So, how can you ensure you’re comfortable even in heels & a tight dress? We’ve seen a few super savvy tricks to help you out!

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography - Secrets for a Comfortable Wedding Day

1- Buy Wedge Flip-Flops

Of course, you want to wear those stunning heels on your big day (Badgley Mischka & Jimmy Choo make some amazing ones). After a few hours they can start to really hurt. Buying a pair of heeled flip-flops will allow you to dance, walk & stand for hours without pain.

They offer height so your dress won’t drag but are so comfy. These are perfect for photos where you’re feet won’t show & for your reception. Plus, we can still get all the photos of your pretty wedding shoes during our detail photo time!

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography - Secrets for a Comfortable Wedding Day

2- Make Sure Your Dress is Functional

Yes, it’s so important to have a dress you feel beautiful in, but that’s not enough. If your dress is stiff you could spend your whole day miserable. We see a lot of strapless dresses that make dancing nearly impossible or require you to constantly yank it up. It’s little things like that most brides don’t think about.

Make sure when you try your wedding dress on that you sit in it, dance/move around, and make sure it moves with you. Another great option is getting removable sleeves you can use for dancing. Knowing you can actually wear your dress comfortably will make a world of difference!

3- Take Tylenol to Pregame

This one is easy. We do it for most wedding days ourselves because we know we’ll be feeling it halfway through the day. Standing on your feet for photos all day, dancing all night & all the running around takes a toll. Pop 1-2 Tylenol right at the start of the day with some food will help prevent the pain from being as bad as it could be. You’ll be way more comfortable this way!

Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers Katie & Alec Photography - Secrets for a Comfortable Wedding Day
Doughnuts at receptions will always be a favorite, add in this gorgeous display & we’re hooked!

4- Eat Something

Hands down, if we could give our brides & grooms one piece of practical advice this would be it. Don’t spend your morning only drinking alcohol and eating minimally. You’ll get sick & be so cranky/tired by the time your reception rolls around. Chances are you won’t get to eat during your reception unless you make time for it. We recommend eating a real breakfast AND having food ready to eat before your ceremony while you’re in hiding.

It’s not worth passing out or feeling miserable most of the day when eating can prevent that. Even if you are nervous and don’t feel hungry, eat something.


We promise, if you try these few tips you’ll have a much more comfortable wedding day. These things can help you have more fun & to be able to really soak in the joy.


Katie & Alec


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