June 25, 2019

Writers block, we hate you…

The bright glow from our Mac Book Pro goes from a familiar friend to a stinging reminder that we’re coming up empty. That little blinking cursor creates a slow kind of rage within us that won’t be ignored… writers block has hit in full force. If it’s happened to us once, it’s happened to us a hundred times.

Blogging, writing engaging social media captions, and creating content for your website or email blasts can be daunting, we feel you. If you’re in a niche market it can be even harder (YAY). I.E. we write almost exclusively about engagements, weddings and photography related topics. After over 250+ blog posts some days it feels impossible to come up with a new post idea.

So, when writers block becomes your reality, what do you do?

We’ve compiled a list of tools we use when our creative juices just refuse to flow. They aren’t magic fix-alls but you know what, we know they work if you let them. Hopefully, when writers block hits you like a freight train these will help you take a deep breath and come back stronger!

  1. Poll Your People
    We heard it recently on a podcast by Rachel Hollis that the number one mistake you can make is not connecting with your audience again and again and again. So, if you’re fresh out of content ideas it’s the perfect time to connect with your people. Jump on your insta-stories, text clients turned friends & find ways to ask your market what they want more of. Their ideas and interests may surprise you! Plus, its a free think-tank y’all, use it!!
  2. Journal Away
    We keep a note book at our desk and a note on our phones for potential caption & blog ideas. Sometimes inspiration hits out of no-where so when it does we don’t want to loose that valuable thought. It could be a romantic quote, a podcast you listened to, or maybe someone said something that struck you! When you have an idea, no matter how small, jot it down and keep it nearby for when you need some extra inspiration.
  3. Step Away for A-While
    Sometimes the best thing you can do when you’re facing a creative block is to just step away. Take a break, do something restful or inspiring. Read a book, take a bath, go for that walk or plan that mini vacay with your friends. Give yourself the space to breath and take care of yourself. Sometimes this is all you need to free yourself up for new ideas!

The main thing to do when you don’t know what to write about is to not beat yourself up over it. Let’s be real, you aren’t alone, we know it sucks. Consistently coming up with content isn’t easy for anyone. It takes implementing processes and strategies that will allow you to be creative & innovative. So, next time you’re facing writer’s block we hope that these simple steps will help you move in the right direction!

Katie & Alec

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