August 2, 2019

Quick Tips for Brides, No Fluff

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Hey brides, we promised you some quick wedding tips with no fluff. We promised, so here it is, our extensive list of tips we want our couples to know and that’s it:
-Don’t go into debt for your wedding. A majority of marriages end due to financial problems. Starting off your marriage by going into debt for a one day event is like tying a noose around the neck of your marriage before it starts. Better a modest wedding and a marriage set up for financial success!
-Ask your vendors what they think. Your florist, your planner, your photographer (hopefully us haha!) knows what works and what doesn’t. Let us get creative and ask us what looks best! You’ll get results you love & ideas you never would have thought of.
Quick Tips for Brides, No Fluff - Wedding photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec
-Plan ahead! Pack all of your wedding day details like all 3 of your rings, garters, invitations, and perfume into one bag the week of your wedding. Having them all in one place will keep you organized and allow you to not stress about where everything is. The best part is then you can hand them right to your photographer for detail photos and they can get started immediately.
-Invest extra money into what will be in the most photographs. If your budget isn’t huge, put more money into things like your bouquet, your groom’s boutonniere, and your hair & make up than anything else. Since you two will be in almost every photo this will make your photos look super luxurious!
-Think about how much you really love those trendy details. We had mason jars and burlap in our wedding, which was all the rage five years ago and is now a big joke. Timeless choices will make sure you love your wedding photos for years to come!
Quick Tips for Brides, No Fluff - Wedding photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec
-Wedding planners are worth their weight in gold. They aren’t a luxury, they’re a blessing!
-Treat your vendors like people, real human people because we care a LOT more than you know. The kinder you treat us, the happier we’ll be and the more we’ll have joy & excitement to serve you.
-Don’t sweat the small stuff. In the end, your wedding day probably won’t be 100% perfect because that’s just how life goes. If you forgot your wedding belt, got a small stain on your dress, or mess up a first dance move you practiced, laugh it off and remember it’s not the end of the world. This will help you be more relaxed and to truly enjoy your day no matter what!
-Eat. Please! Not just at the reception but throughout the day. We totally believe it effect how you’ll feel the rest of your day! Especially if you’re planning on drinking alcohol throughout the day.
Quick Tips for Brides, No Fluff - Wedding photographers in Birmingham, Alabama Katie & Alec
-Don’t pick too many people for your bridal party. 99% of the time the more people in the bridal party we’ve seen, the more hectic the day is. It can stress you out, throw off your timeline and just cause more trouble than its worth. Be picky and choose the right people who will love and support you.
-First looks are amazing. If you ask us, we want so desperately to tell you just to do one. You get more time together, you get more photos, and you’ll have so much less stress on your day. Yes, no first looks sound romantic but they were designed to hide brides in arranged marriages so the groom couldn’t abandon her before the wedding day. Not so romantic historically.
-Your wedding day is ONE day. In the long-term scheme of things this is just a party to start your marriage. Enjoy it but don’t idolize it.
Katie & Alec
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