October 7, 2019

How to Get Bright & Airy Wedding Photos

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Today we’re talking all about getting bright & airy wedding photos. This is one of the biggest posts we’ve been asked to do! Y’all really want to know how to get those dreamy, light photos! A lot of it is based on your photographer, but there are also some other factors that will have a huge impact.

Real talk, the venue you choose will make a BIG difference in your photos (Duh, we’re sure you already know that but hang in there with us). Seriously, think about it, ALL your photo memories will likely be in that one place. That’s a huge decision to make.

Pay attention to not only how pretty the ceremony space is but also your getting ready room, where you want your photos taken, and make sure to look for places with plenty of light. It’s easy to get caught up in the one feature you like most at a venue without thinking about the whole picture. If you’re wanting brighter photos you’ll want an already bright, well lit space for every part of your day that’s going to match that style. Realistically, you can’t pick a dark, all brick venue for example and expect bright, airy wedding photos during your ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies can be a great way to remedy this. Lots of natural sunlight is the heart of light & airy photography!

How to Get Bright & Airy Wedding PhotosHow to Get Bright & Airy Wedding Photos

Yes, of course its important to pick a venue you love, but make sure you’ll love your photos most because those last forever. Try to find a place that not only will make for great photos but that also has you excited about it! That’s why we love venues like the Sonnet House & Oak Meadow Event Center that have already thought of everything!! They’ve got gorgeous lighting, getting ready rooms you’ll LOVE and so many gorgeous spots for photos!! Venue shopping is a big deal, so take your time and really think through every piece to make sure it matches your vision in more ways than one 💖

Beyond picking a bright venue, another huge way to make your photo style goals come true is to hire the right photographer 😉 It’s so important that you really think about the style that fits you as a couple. You also need to think if you’ll love this style  just as much 20, 30, 50 years from now when you look back at your photos. Some styles are just trends. We always encourage you to think back to your parents photos from the 70s/80s/90s. There were definitely some trends back then that are cringy now to look back at. You don’t want that so choose carefully!

How to Get Bright & Airy Wedding PhotosHow to Get Bright & Airy Wedding Photos

Another bonus tip for getting light, bright & airy photos is to make sure you get married during a time of day when that’s possible. Putting your ceremony really late at night, or in the winter any time after 4 could impact your photos earlier too. You schedule is based around your ceremony, and you need to prioritize photos if you want the bright style. Ask us if you need help determining your ceremony time. We love being able to recommend what’s going to help us as photographers capture your vision for the wedding day.


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