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One thing you might not know about me (Alec), is that I am a huge football fan. More specifically, an Alabama fan. So, when I was given the amazing opportunity to photograph the SEC Championship last year my dreams came true. You can see those photos here.

This year I was invited to shoot it again and couldn’t have been more excited. I was telling a friend how this year was going to be even better. He said, “How will this be better? Your team isn’t playing this year.” Exactly. That’s what made it better. Last year I was so distracted by how the game was going. During most of the game I was biting my nails with fear instead of focusing on capturing the moments with my camera.

This year I didn’t care who won and the pressure was off. I wasn’t concerned about the game, I was concerned about the photos. I went in with my press pass, tons of rented equipment, and a new attitude. Photography is the first priority, football is the second.

It really was another incredible opportunity I don’t take for granted. Being allowed to be on the field during one of the biggest games of the year is a huge privilege. It’s neat being able to see places in the stadium others don’t, being feet away from celebrities, and getting to witness my favorite sport up close. So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments from this year’s game with you! I hope it makes you feel like you were a part of the action to.

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One of these things is not like the other

Shooting the SEC Championship Blog crazy fan outfits  Shooting the SEC Championship Blog injured Georgia player carted off field Shooting the SEC Championship Blog sad Georgia fans Shooting the SEC Championship Blog player holding winning newspaper Shooting the SEC Championship Blog players dancing in celebration Shooting the SEC Championship Blog coach walking off field Shooting the SEC Championship Blog players holding trophy Shooting the SEC Championship Blog LSU team celebrating

This is always one of my favorite moments during the SEC championship. Getting to watch the winning team celebrate is so fun!Shooting the SEC Championship Blog LSU Celebrating

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