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Client gifting is such a tricky topic. So many people ask what other wedding photographers are doing to send gifts to their clients. Well, we feel like we’ve tried it all.

We started out going to a store and hand-picking gifts for clients. We would painstakingly purchase all our supplies, go home and pack them, and then our have to haul them back to the post office. It was so time-consuming and as our business grew we knew it was unsustainable. After a lot of trial-and-error, we finally found Boxfox!

It has totally saved us so much time, money, and stress and it’s changed the way we’re able to gift our clients. Plus, our clients love them and tag us almost every time we send one on social media! So many of our KA couples mention how gorgeous the boxes are and how beautifully they are packaged. They feel so luxurious to come at such an affordable price. Here are a few reasons why we love using them:

It’s Customizable

We don’t love the idea of sharing the same gift with every client. Some may like alcohol, others sweets, and others prefer home items. With Boxfox we can provide customization to each client. You can choose as many items as you want and build your box specific to each client. If you don’t have time for that, they do offer pre-packed boxes as well.

It’s Affordable

Considering the box is a high-quality, gorgeous piece and they include lots of fluffy crinkle paper along with a handwritten note, it’s worth the $7 packaging. You start with the box you need (depends on the size of the gifts). From there, you end up selecting your gifts and can see the cost of each one. Our boxes normally range from $27-40 per client.

Hand Written Letters

As we mentioned, Boxfox allows you to choose from a large selection of blank cards. From there, you type the message you want on the card and they write it for you. It’s so simple and saves you so much time!

Boxfox for client gifting - Katie & Alec Photography

They Package & Ship it for You

Nothing beats this! Packaging gifts and driving them to the post office used to be such a hassle. With Boxfox, they take care of this for you. No more waiting in line, no more running out to buy crinkle paper or boxes. Plus, they do it so much more beautifully than we ever could! A lot of our brides even repurpose the box to pack their wedding day details in!

Earn Rewards

The more you purchase, the more rewards you get. We buy so many a year that we always end up with free shipping which saves us SO much money! You also collect points to redeem for gifts. In the last year, we earned $150 in real money towards client gifts. Who can say no to a great rewards program?!


If Boxfox sounds like a great solution for your client gifting, we’d love to share an extra special deal! By using this link, you’ll save $10 on your first client gift through BoxFox!


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