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Blogging is one of the most underrated ways to grow your photography business. It offers a host of benefits most people don’t ever consider, or that they don’t realize the power in. Today we’re breaking down the top 5 benefits of blogging for photographers.

If you want to start blogging, let these encourage you that it’s a great next step for your business!

SEO Boosts

This is hands down the biggest benefit of blogging. Google loves when people produce fresh, engaging content that is relevant to its users. Blogging regularly and doing it well are important for this. It’s also great because it shows Google that your website is active and current.

If you’re blogging to boost your SEO, just remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Your SEO will take a while to build up, even if you blog regularly. Once the momentum gets going though it’s such a huge benefit!

Happy Clients

Who doesn’t love reading about themselves or seeing photos of themselves? No one! That’s why blogging for your clients is a phenomenal idea. People also love having an easy way to share their sneak peeks of their session or wedding day. Blogging them creates the perfect little glimpse at their day that friends and family will love, and you’ll end up with happier clients.

Ashley's Bridal Portraits at the Grand Bohemian in Birmingham, Alabama - Katie & Alec Photography

Creating Consistency

Blogging regularly doesn’t just show Google that you’re consistent, it also shows potential clients this. People always preach about creating demand and showing people that you’re sought after. By showing potential clients your sessions they can see how busy you are and the consistency of your work over time.

This also gets you in a good rhythm of taking care of your website and the backend of your business. We understand that that’s not always the easiest, especially during your busy season. Even if consistency looks like one blog a month for you, that’s still a huge step in the right direction.

Attracting New Clients

One of the best ways to show potential clients your work is by blogging. It gives them a better view of a large chunk of a shoot or wedding day and allows them to see a variety of your shoots. It also provides them with the ability to picture themselves in your work which is huge! If they can see themself in those blogs it gives them a chance to connect with you and want to work with you more.

Blogs also show that you’re professional and care enough about your work and clients to consistently post.  Of course, this doesn’t mean people who don’t blog don’t care, it just provides more opportunity.

Brad & Katie - Birmingham, Alabama Engagement Photographers Katie & Alec Photography 6

Social Media Content

We all could use a few more ways to post on social media. Often, coming up with captions can be challenging. Blogging gives you a great reason to post and even better a reason to link back to your website (which again helps with SEO). Talk about blogging having benefits!

You’ll hear a lot of experts talk about how social media shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all for your business. Instead, your main goal should be getting people to your website! This way if social media platforms lose popularity, or if yours gets hacked, you didn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Your website is within your control whereas social media changes, like IG announcing they’re no longer a photo sharing app, you won’t be at the mercy of those platforms.


We hope these 5 benefits show you that blogging for your business is well worth it. We know for a fact that our business wouldn’t be where it is today without it! If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, and education for photographers check out our blog section just for you here.


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