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Hey, y’all!


It’s been a hot minute since we had the time to sit down and write a personal blog that wasn’t a massive update on our lives. For 7 years this blog has been a space for us to share people’s love stories, to document our own lives, and to share tips with other photographers. Lately, we’ve been going back to look at past posts and realized how much we missed sharing these with you. So, today’s the day we bring it back with 4 Friday fast facts you didn’t know about us:


We love big cities!

Both of us would rather go visit a city than the beach or mountains. We love being able to experience shows, new restaurants, and stores. Here in the US, we want to see Oklahoma City and Dallas next. Overseas, we really want to go to Barcelona, Positano, and Sydney.

Friday Fast Facts Our Headshots - Katie & Alec Photography Best Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers

We want to build again…

Alec isn’t 100% on board with it just yet, but we’ve been itching to build another house since we moved in. It’s such a fun process and we learned so much with our first home build. We love our current house so much which is the only part holding us back.


We both love antiquing. 

You may have suspected it was Katie who fueled our love of antiques, but it’s not! We both love it and make a point to do it regularly, and especially when we travel. Alec collects vintage cameras and Katie collects chinoiserie. Our favorite pieces are ones we bought while on vacation as they remind us of those trips.

Washington DC Anniversary Session - Katie & Alec Photography 9

Alec was a photographer first. 

Most people just assume we were both photographers when we met or that Katie started first. In fact, it was Alec who has been taking photos since his high school yearbook days. When we met in 2011 Katie said she could never be a photographer and wasn’t creative enough. As they say, we make plans and God laughs.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these 4 Friday fast facts about us! If you want to get to know us more, read all about our travels, and even get to know our love story you can find them here on the blog!


Katie & Alec

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